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Jay-Z and Occult Symbolism

Posted by Dj priesty On February - 23 - 2010



Jay-Zâ??s clothing line â??Rocawearâ? has incorporated obvious occult symbols in its designs. Some are so blatantly Masonic that he probably couldnâ??t get away with it if he wasnâ??t effectively implicated with them. In interviews, Jay-Z has said to be actively involved in the choices of designs of his clothing line. Here are some examples:

All-Seeing Eye in Triangle


The logo above is designed to look like the Eye of Horus below.


Kanye wearing a shirt with the head of Baphomet

Prodigyâ??s Crusade

Rapper Prodigy from the mythical group Mobb Deep has occasionally denounced Jay-Zâ??s affiliation with the Illuminati in the last years. Hereâ??s an URB article on the subject.

Prodigyâ??s ainâ??t down with that crap

Like he does in his monthly blog on Vibe.com, the incarcerated Prodigy recently spewed more of his conspiracy theories via a handwritten letter to URB. This time, he reveals the moment his eyes were opened to the sham he calls â??the government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, and I.R.S.â? According to P, in 1996, after reading a book by Dr. Malichi Z. York titled Leviathan 666, he was moved so much, he cried, and that was his â??moment of clarity.â?

â??I was crying for all of humanity, but mostly for my black people â??cause I then realized it was all a sham,â? Prodigy writes in his letter to URB. â??The government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, the I.R.S., and everything that we believe and live by is a joke.â? Even worse, the rapper says that many popular rappers are aware of these society secrets, but choose not to speak on it for fear of not being accepted by corporate America. One, in particular, is Jay-Z.

Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas

â??J.Z. knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order  to be accepted in the corporate world. J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world, and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead,â? he wrote. Prodigy says that Jay grew up grew up in Dr. Yorkâ??s â??Nuwabianâ? community in Brooklyn as a kid, and is â??awareâ? of these evils â?? rogue government, elitists running the country, etc.

Because of Jayâ??z refusal to speak on the topics Prodigy has been doing so since his incarceration, he will make it a point to wage war against him.
â??J.Z is a God damn lie. I have so much fire in my heart that I will relentlessly attack J.Z, Illuminati, and any-every other evil that exists until my lights are put out,â? P writes. â??This negativity I speak of is an actual living entity that uses us as food. We must sever ties with it in order to see things for what they really are. This negative energy is created and harnessed by the Illuminati secret government and they will make you spread this energy without you even knowing it. But people like J.Z. are very well aware. He was schooled by Dr. York,â? he continued.

Real talk.

To Conclude

So, the least we can say is that Jay-Z has â??affinitiesâ? with occultism and secret societies. â??Run This Townâ? only adds to the suspicions surrounding him due to the symbolism and philosophy displayed in the video. In light of those facts, some questions arise: has Jay-Z sided with the elite to succeed in the corporate world? Is he used to promote NWO agenda? Or is this an act to fuel rumors and to add a little â??mystiqueâ? around his persona? Maybe itâ??s all of the above. Maybe heâ??s doing this to get people like me writing and to generate buzz around his latest album. If this article has promoted Jay-Z, so be it.  At least people will know what the the hell theyâ??re saluting when theyâ??re throwing up that Roc sign.


Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections

Posted by Dj priesty On February - 23 - 2010


Jay-Zâ??s latest video called â??Run This Townâ? (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West) contains occult symbolism relating to secret societies. It has been long rumored that Jay-Z is part of some sort of occult order (probably Freemasonry) due to the hints slipped in his songs and his imagery. â?Run This Townâ? certainly adds fuel to the fire. Weâ??ll look at the symbolism in this song and in his clothing line, Rocawear.


Iâ??m pretty sure Jay-Z does it on purpose and that he appreciates the attention it gets him. He has been steadily displaying occult symbolism in his songs, videos and in the designs of his Rocawear clothing line. The Brooklyn rapper has lately been associating himself through telling hints to Freemasonry, Illuminati and other orders. Is he now initiated in one of those Brotherhoods and eager to show it off? Why does he appear in other videos containing occult meanings (see Rihannaâ??s â??Umbrellaâ? or Beyonceâ??s â??Crazy in Loveâ?)?

The video to â??Run This Townâ? was directed by Anthony Mandler, who also did  Rihannaâ??s â??Disturbiaâ? video. In another of my articles, I explain how this video is a metaphor for evil possession. The least we can say is that Mandler certainly knows how to insert dark symbolism into a video.

â??Do What Thou Wiltâ?


Before we get into the video, a couple of things need to be explained in order to understand Jay-Zâ??s mindset and where he gets his ideas from. The symbols that will be discussed in this article canâ??t be coincidences or a collection of random items. Jay-Z draws his inspiration from specific sources and associates with like-minded people (director Anthony Mandler) to integrate those ideas. A telling example can be found in the second trailer video for â??Run This Townâ?. We see Jay-Z explaining the concept of the video while wearing a black hoodie bearing the saying â??Do What Thou Wiltâ?.

Aleister Crowley: Reformer of the O.T.O. whose motto was â??Do what Thou Wiltâ?. He also enjoyed being called â?The wickedest man in the worldâ?.

â??Do What Thou Wiltâ? is the official dictum of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and of its reformer, occultist Aleister Crowley. The O.T.O. is a hermetic order modeled after Freemasonry and German Illuminism and teaches its initiates the secrets of the Mysteries, gnosticism, sex magick, Kaballah and other occult sciences. Contrarily to Freemasonry, the O.T.O. is however based on the â??Law of Thelemaâ? which main precept is â??Do What Thou Wilt be the whole of the Lawâ??. Although this saying was interpreted in different ways, most agree that it refers to the dismissal of conventional moral and ethical rules in order to find oneâ??s â??True Willâ?. In other words, the usual guidelines by which good and evil are determined have to be blurred and forgotten to obtain the true path to illumination. Crowley explains this notion rather clearly here:

â??There are no â??standards of Rightâ?. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with â??moral principleâ?; there is no such thingâ?
Crowley, Aleister. The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL, II,28.

Although not officially considered â??satanicâ?, the O.T.O. does fully embrace the Luciferian doctrine (see Crowleyâ??s poem â??Hymn to Lucifer) and its high level members are referred to as â??Most Illuminated and Most Puissant Baphometâ?. Baphomet is of course the horned androgynous idol of Western Occultism.

Poster in honor of Crowley. Notice â??Do What Thou Wiltâ? and Baphomet

Is Jay-Z part of the O.T.O. or does he just like that shirt? Donâ??t know. We will however see that he is  very educated in the field of occult symbolism and that he enjoys hinting people that he associates with the Brotherhood. Hereâ??s the video.

â??Run This Townâ? Analysis

So this is the video at face value: Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West are performing in front of an angry mob, which is apparently out to overthrow the current order of things and thus â??Run This Townâ?. The aesthetics of the video are reminiscent of movements led by rebel factions in third world African or Latino countries . When one listens closely to the lyrics however, something seems to be â?offâ?. Jay-Z and Kanye are mainly rapping about how rich and famous they are and are describing bourgeoisie luxuries such as Maison Martin Margiela clothes, bottles of Riesling  and Maybach cars. This isnâ??t exactly the type of speech Che Guevara would give. Despite the looks, the artists arenâ??t quite revolutionary, they can even be considered pro-establishment. Is this a political rebellion or could it be philosophical/spiritual? The visuals of the video hint a second, occult meaning to the song.

At the beginning of the video, a man hands a lit torch to Rihanna who holds it up in the air. This symbolic gesture sums up perfectly the concept of the video.

8-27-2009 8-03-46 PM
Rihanna handed a lit torch

Anybody vaguely familiar with occultism can easily associate the symbol of the lit torch held high to Lucifer a.k.a. the Light Bearer. Most occult orders secretly acknowledge Lucifer as being the savior of humanity, the fallen angel who liberated men from the oppression of the biblical God (Jehovah, Yahweh). These orders (the main one being Freemasonry) have been working for centuries towards the overthrow of the rule of organized religions to usher in a new age or a â??New Orderâ?.  At the philosophical center of this order:  the Luciferian Doctrine, where men are free to become gods by their own means. The Torch of Illumination is the ultimate symbol of this philosophy and can be found in  many instances (see Statue of Liberty, a gift from French Freemasons). The goal of the Illuminist has been put in plain in simple words: they are dedicated to the â??coming forth of the conquering lightâ??. â??Run This Townâ? visually represents this aim in a clear way for the initiates yet concealed for the profane.

Consequently, the video contains a second level of interpretation: â??Run This Townâ? is an announcement of the coming of a New World Order, lead by secret (Luciferian) societies. Rihannaâ??s ominous intro explains how it is going down.

Feeling it coming in the air,
hear the screams from everywhere,
Iâ??m addicted to thrill,
Its a dangerous love affair,
Canâ??t be scared when it goes down,
got a problem tell me now,
Only thing thatâ??s on my mind is who gon run this town tonight,
who gon run this town tonite

Guess Rihanna canâ??t make this clearer for you

Rihannaâ??s lyrics are announcing an imminent change that might terrify or enrage some people (â??hear the screams from everywhereâ??). The torches hint to a new spiritual and philosophical era where Lucifer is king. She is â??addicted to the thrillâ? of being on the dark side and she knows that dealing with it is a â??dangerous love affairâ??. But regardless of all of this, it all comes down to control, hence â??Only thing thatâ??s on my mind is who gon run this town tonightâ??.

Then Jay-Z comes along and announces the coming of â??Roc Nationâ? (Roc being a diminutive of Rocafella, the name of his record label, which is based on the elite family Rockefeller).

We are, yeah, I said it, we are
This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance
Get yâ??all fatigues on, all black everything
Black cards, black cars, all black everything
And our girls are blackbirds, riding with they Dillingers
I get more in-depth if you boys really real enough
This is La Familia, Iâ??ll explain later
But for now, let me get back to this paper
Iâ??m a couple bands down and Iâ??m tryna get back
I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
Yeah, Iâ??m talking five comma six zeroes dot zero ?
Back to running circles â??round niggas, now we squared up

Jay-Z is asking you to â??Pledge your allegianceâ? to the new ruler and to wear black everything to honor him. Jayâ??s lyrics contain hints to Freemasonry who are hidden in the double meaning of some lines. â??I gave Doug a gripâ? means he gave Doug a stack of money but the double meaning to that line would refer to the Masonsâ?? secret handshakes which are called â??gripsâ?. And who is Doug? Might be Doug Morris. The last line of his first verse is â??Back to running circlesâ?? round niggas, now we squared upâ??. Aside from its obvious meaning, it also refers to the important Masonic concept of â??squaring the circleâ?, which is way too deep to explain here (â??I get more in-depth if you boys really real enoughâ??). In the second verse, Jay-Z says â?Itâ??s the return of thee godâ??, which refers to the Luciferian belief of men being gods. This term is often used in NY slang and originates from the fact that many rappers were Five-Percenters,  a philosophy based on the belief that all men are gods.   Further in the song Jay-Z says: â??Iâ??m in Maison, ugh, Martin Margielaâ? which is a upper-end fashion store. English speaking people usually pronounce the french word â?maisonâ?Â to sound like â?mayzaunâ?. Jay-Z however says it to sound like â??masonâ? as in â??Freemasonâ?. There is an obvious double-meaning here meant to catch the ear of the listener. He basically says â??Iâ??m in Masonâ? to make people say â??huh did he really say that?â? as â??Iâ??m a Freemasonâ? but he then continues by saying â??ugh, Martin Margielaâ??. The little pause after he says those words accentuate the effect. Then Rihanna comes back with the chorus.

Lifeâ??s a game but itâ??s not fair
I break the rules so I donâ??t care
So I keep doing my own thing
Walking tall against the rain
Victoryâ??s within the mile
Almost there, donâ??t give up now
Only thing thatâ??s on my mind
Is who gonâ?? run this town tonight

She says that the game of life is corrupted but she still succeeds because she â??breaks the rulesâ?. In other words, she ignores the boundaries between good and evil to achieve her goals. This might remind you of the saying â??Do What Thou Wiltâ? of the Ordo Templi Orientis described above. Those lines refer to her as a person and also to the Order as a whole, who is prepared to commit the most horrible acts to reach its goals. â??Victoryâ??s within the mileâ? means that the realization of the New World Order is at its final stages and that the Illuminati-sponsored revolution is about to happen.

Rihanna throwing Rocafella sign which is the left eye inside a triangle

So â??Run This Townâ? contains obvious hints leading towards Luciferian philosophy and occult orders. The fire of Luciferâ??s torch esoterically represents divine knowledge and wisdom brought to men. Fire in this video is however a destructive force. What type of knowledge are we giving these rebellious people, who represent the masses of fans?

Leave your comment below and let us know what you think about this?

VMA 2009 Awards Exposed

Posted by admin On February - 23 - 2010

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

Source By Vigilantcitizen

From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTVâ??s 2009 Video Music Awards managed once again to raise eyebrows and get people talking. What most people missed, however,  were the occult meanings encoded in the VMAs. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. Weâ??ll look at the symbolism that appeared during the show.


MTVâ??s Video Music Awards have often incorporated dark and strange acts, containing some occult symbolism. This yearâ??s version, however, outdid itself. The show left most people wondering what was wrong with Kanye West or trying compute the madness of Lady Gagaâ??s performance. The only way to understand the full meaning behind those performances is to look into esoteric teachings. The fact is that the whole awards show took the most common rituals of occult orders and re-enacted them in a show witnessed by the entire world.

This yearâ??s VMAâ??s were very different from other awards shows. They focused on a very limited number of artists (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga), while ignoring many others who were equally successful. The â??chosenâ? artists became characters in the VMAâ??s ceremony and acted out different ritual dramas. This might sound totally crazy to the average MTV viewer but those acquainted with the practices of occult orders (such as Freemasonry) can decode the references to sacred rituals.  There are numerous types of fraternities and rituals, from the most noble to the most infernal, and they have existed throughout History. The VMAs were decisively inspired by dark, sinister and even Satanic ceremonies.  Letâ??s look at those rituals.

The High Priestessâ?? Words of Wisdom

Madonnaâ??s sermon

Madonna, the music industryâ??s High Priestess, the revered â??elderâ? of MTV, opens the show with a very solemn eulogy for Michael Jackson. She admitted never really knowing or â??connectingâ? with him, but she was still chosen to pay him tribute. Madonna is a well known and publicized adept of the Kaballah, the esoteric school of Judaism which is studied in most occult orders.  Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok explained how she uses (or abuses) Kaballah symbolism in her music:

â??I discovered that Madonnaâ??s famous dabbling with sacred Jewish mysticism has taken an interesting turn. In her latest music video for the theme song of a new James Bond movie, the â??material girlâ? of old is transforming herself into a â??Kabbalah girl.â? Aside from the traditional Madonna blend of music and sensuality, in this video we see Madonna has a Holy Name of G-d tattooed onto her right shoulder. Tattooing, mind you, is a practice forbidden under Torah Law, all the more so abhorred by the Kabbalah. Granted the tattoo may not be real or only temporary but nonetheless, any expression of performing a forbidden act is itself forbidden and inexcusable. Unfortunately, Madonnaâ??s abuse of Kabbalah and traditional Torah Judaism does not stop here.

Later in the video we see Madonna winding leather straps around her left arm in the exact same format and style as holy tefillin are worn by religious Jewish men. Tefillin consist of a small leather box containing scared parchments. These are then strapped to oneâ??s left biceps, and the strap is wound down the left arm and around the hand. Granted Madonna did not go so far as to defame the tefillin boxes themselves. Yet, it is quite clear that the wrapping of the straps around her arm is done in orthodox Torah style. This act of hers is pure sacrilege.â?

-Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, Madonnaâ??s Kabbalah â?? Not Kosher http://www.koshertorah.com/PDF/madonna%20kabbalah.pdf

Madonnaâ??s tribute focused on the fact that MJ was â??otherworldlyâ? and â??a kingâ? but  she insisted on the fact that he was also a human being. It was wisdom that could only be imparted by the High Priestess.  Members of the audience bowed their heads and meditated on her words. They had a deep Kabbalisitic resonance.  The speech was followed by a video tribute to Jackson, beginning oddly with â??Thrillerâ?? and displaying the face of MJ as a decaying zombie, risen from the dead, on a huge screen. We then hear Priceâ??s verse in the song saying:

â??Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize yawls neighbourhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzy ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller�

It is only fitting that MJâ??s greatest was included in his tribute, but this did seem a rather gruesome way to start a posthumous tribute. Someone, somewhere made some odd choices, but this somehow fitted the â??vibeâ? of the rest of the show.

Taylor Swiftâ??s Initiation

â??Iâ??mma let you finish!â?

Taylor Swift wins the â??Best Female Videoâ? award and goes up on stage to give her thank yous. Kanye West pops out of nowhere, taking the mic from her hand, and informs her that Beyonce has â??one of the best videos of all timeâ??. This scene has caused much controversy and has earned Kanye the title of â??Douchebag of the yearâ? plus a the honor of being called a â??jackassâ? by the President of the United States. I might shock some people by saying thisâ?¦ but this â??unexpectedâ? event wasâ?¦ STAGED! There I said it. Did you ever watch a crappy reality show and had the gut feeling that the whole thing was scripted? Well, Iâ??ve got an overload of that feeling while watching this scene. None of the people involved (not even Beyonce making her â??I canâ??t believe this is happeningâ? face) are good actors. Furthermore, Iâ??ve been following Kanyeâ??s career since his beginnings and Iâ??ve retained one important fact about him:  the only thing Kanye West cares about, is Kanye West. So if he had to throw a hissy fit about something, it would had been about him not winning. Not Beyonce. Him.

This scene is in fact Taylor Swiftâ??s initiation into what I call â??The Circle of Chosen Artistsâ?. The pupil is humiliated in front of her peers and told that she is not worthy to be on the same stage as Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony.  Almost all groups, fraternities and gangs carry out an initiation process to test the recruitâ??s character, strength and worth. Swiftâ??s ordeal was to have Kanye ruin her first award ever and to be told that she didnâ??t deserve this recognition. The rapper is known for bitching during award shows so he was the perfect candidate to make it all seem â??unexpectedâ?.

The Prayer

â??Who wants to pray to the devil with me?â?

Jack Black comes out dressed as a heavy metal guy on steroids to promote a video game. At one point he asks the audience to put their devil horns in the air and the proceeds to pray to the â??darklord Satanâ?. The whole thing is light-hearted and comical but I donâ??t see any other way a prayer to Satan can be inserted into a primetime show without getting a truckload of complaints from â??concerned parentsâ?. The scene starts off semi-funny but Jack Black finishes off on a more serious note by saying: â??I ask you to grant tonightâ??s nominees with continued success in the music industryâ??. This last phrase actually reveals a dark truth about the entertainment business.

So the net result of this scene is this: everybody threw up their â??devil hornsâ? hand sign, then took each otherâ??s hands and prayed to Satan. This piece of  pre-rehearsed comedy might have been an insignificant skit in another show. But in the context of this one, with its many recreations of occult rituals, the skit takes on a whole other, sinister meaning.Â
The Blood Sacrifice

Lady Gagaâ??s performance was hailed as â??brilliantâ? by many music fans. If you however ask them what it symbolizes,  their expression becomes questioning. Hereâ??s what Gaga said about her performance during an interview at gagadaily.com

â??Do you think it will be one of those defining moments people will remember at the VMAs?â?
â??I know it will. I sort of have this philosophy about things: thereâ??s never a reason to do something unless itâ??s going to be memorable, unless itâ??s going to change things, unless itâ??s going to inspire a movement. With the song and with the performance, I hope to say something very grave about fame and the price of it.â?

â??Something grave? What?â?
â??Youâ??ll have to see.â?

â??What are you going to wear? â??
â??I would say  that the fashion for the performance is a representation of the most stoic and memorable martyrs of fame in history. Itâ??s intended to be an iconic image that represents people. I think after watching the performance and maybe studying it after you watch it on YouTube, youâ??ll see the references and the symbols come through.â?

The setting for the performance is very symbolic. Gaga performs in a temple or maybe an  aristocratic mansion, complete with columns, chandeliers and paintings. Occult rituals, mind control experiments and even human sacrifices have  constantly been rumored to take place in those kinds of settings. One feature I cannot ignore is the presence of two massive pillars beneath an arch.

gagaset copy
Decor of Gagaâ??s performance. Notice the two pillars and the arch above

They are unmistakable Masonic symbols, as depicted on this lithograph:


This obvious reference to Freemasonry hints to the occult and ritualistic aspect of Gagaâ??s performance. Masons are known to carry out ritual dramas in their lodges;  live re-enactments of allegorical stories. Gagaâ??s performance symbolizes her rise to fame and the sacrifice she had to make in order to succeed.

When the bloody Gaga is lifted into the air, an eerie light comes out from between the pillars and the dancers lift their arms in the air in praise. Many ancient religions carried out ritual sacrifices to please the gods. Blood sacrifices have also been viewed by black magicians as the ultimate way to collect spiritual energy. The final scene of the performance conveys the presence of this mysterious â??forceâ? after a sacrifice.

Rising star

Right after her performance, Gaga appears dressed all in red, with her face completely covered in red. She is basically a walking, talking blood sacrifice. It represents the aftermath of fame, the hellish life that follows the sacrifice, the selling of the soul for success in the music industry.

â??This if for God and the gaysâ?

Pinkâ??s Masonic Initiation


There is no way a Mason could watch this performance without recalling his initiation into the First Degree. Hereâ??s a description by Mark Stavish:

â??The candidate for initiation is stripped of all material possessions and dressed in a strange and peculiar garb (â?¦). This includes a blindfold and a length of rope called a cable tow.â?

He continues

â??The blindfold used represents secrecy, darkness and ignorance as well as trust. The candidate is led into the lodge room for initiation but is not able to see what is happening. He is bound about the waist and arm with the cable tow.â?
-Mark Stavish, Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society

The initiate is blindfolded and attached to a cord with the left breast and left leg exposed

Pink is blindfolded and bound with ropes. Her costume exposes her left breast, as is the case with Masonic initiates. Instead of having her left leg exposed, Pinkâ??s costume bears a diamond pattern which is very reminiscent of the floors in Masonic lodges.

Eastern Star Lodge

Pinkâ??s performance was a dizzying display of acrobatics which undoubtedly left her (and the viewers) totally disoriented. This is also a feature of Freemasonryâ??s First Degree initiation:

â??He is then blindfolded and a cord in the form of a noose is passed round his neck. At this point the novice is entering the marginal stage, associated with ordeals; he cannot see, his sense of direction has been confused and he has been dressed like a victim for execution.â?
-J.S. La Fontaine, Initiation â?? Ritual Drama and secret knowledge across the world

Pinkâ??s performance was yet another blatant reference to ritual dramas in occult orders.

Taylor Swiftâ??s Acceptance into the Order

â??Can we try this again now?â?

After Swiftâ??s public humiliation, Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony, calls her up on stage to let her â??have her momentâ?. She appears from backstage (as if awaiting her cue) in a red dress which is  strikingly similar to Beyonceâ??s. A reader of this site has noticed that, at the moment the two singers hug, a strange phrase appears on the screen behind them saying â??RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATOâ?. I have no idea what that means, but it was there. If you solve this enigma, be sure to post it in the comments. **Editorâ??s note** Pretty sure it means â??Ilford Delta Pro filmâ?.

enigma copy
Is this a computer glitch or a coded message?

Taylor Swift being called on stage represents the fact that she has now been  accepted as an equal to Beyonce and has become one of the â??chosen onesâ?. The matching dresses also convey this sense of belonging to a new group. She has â??passed the testâ? â?? the ordeal of being humiliated â?? and she can now reap the rewards of being an insider.

In Conclusion

Award ceremonies like the VMAs define and crystallize the pop culture of an era. They consecrate the chosen artists while leaving the others dwelling in the shadows of anonymity. As shown above, the whole show was heavily permeated with occult symbolism, primarily focusing on the â??initiationâ? aspect of it. Why is MTV exposing young people (who know nothing about occultism) to such rituals? Is there a subliminal effect on the viewers? Are we educating the new generation to accept these symbols as part of popular culture? There is definitely a second layer of interpretation in many of MTVâ??s products. To decode the symbols is to understand the inner-workings of the entertainment industry.

Madonna, the music industryâ??s High Priestess, the revered â??elderâ? of MTV, opens the show with a very solemn eulogy for Michael Jackson. She admitted never really knowing or â??connectingâ? with him, but she was still chosen to pay him tribute. Madonna is a well known and publicized adept of the Kaballah, the esoteric school of Judaism which is studied in most occult orders.  Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok explained how she uses (or abuses) Kaballah symbolism in her music:

â??I discovered that Madonnaâ??s famous dabbling with sacred Jewish mysticism has taken an interesting turn. In her latest music video for the theme song of a new James Bond movie, the â??material girlâ? of old is transforming herself into a â??Kabbalah girl.â? Aside from the traditional Madonna blend of music and sensuality, in this video we see Madonna has a Holy Name of G-d tattooed onto her right shoulder. Tattooing, mind you, is a practice forbidden under Torah Law, all the more so abhorred by the Kabbalah. Granted the tattoo may not be real or only temporary but nonetheless, any expression of performing a forbidden act is itself forbidden and inexcusable. Unfortunately, Madonnaâ??s abuse of Kabbalah and traditional Torah Judaism does not stop here.

Later in the video we see Madonna winding leather straps around her left arm in the exact same format and style as holy tefillin are worn by religious Jewish men. Tefillin consist of a small leather box containing scared parchments. These are then strapped to oneâ??s left biceps, and the strap is wound down the left arm and around the hand. Granted Madonna did not go so far as to defame the tefillin boxes themselves. Yet, it is quite clear that the wrapping of the straps around her arm is done in orthodox Torah style. This act of hers is pure sacrilege.â?

-Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, Madonnaâ??s Kabbalah â?? Not Kosher http://www.koshertorah.com/PDF/madonna%20kabbalah.pdf

Madonnaâ??s tribute focused on the fact that MJ was â??otherworldlyâ? and â??a kingâ? but  she insisted on the fact that he was also a human being. It was wisdom that could only be imparted by the High Priestess.  Members of the audience bowed their heads and meditated on her words. They had a deep Kabbalisitic resonance.  The speech was followed by a video tribute to Jackson, beginning oddly with â??Thrillerâ?? and displaying the face of MJ as a decaying zombie, risen from the dead, on a huge screen. We then hear Priceâ??s verse in the song saying:

â??Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize yawls neighbourhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzy ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller�

It is only fitting that MJâ??s greatest was included in his tribute, but this did seem a rather gruesome way to start a posthumous tribute. Someone, somewhere made some odd choices, but this somehow fitted the â??vibeâ? of the rest of the show.

Calling is a gospel chune collabo between uganda’s legend christo fabulous and Mr. Googz, Kenyan’s number one legend. The message is clear-Jesus Christ Loves you and is more than willing to SAVE and help you.

Calling – Mr Googz & Christo Fabulous

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Calling – Mr Googz & Christo Fabulous

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MILELE (Episode IV) – Saint Stevoh

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Mercy Masika – Mwema

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No Worries – TYBE

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Joyce Omondi ft. Rigga – NIFICHE

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