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Trust movie review

Posted by admin On September - 5 - 2012

Trust Movie is a 2010 thriller film directed by David Schwimmer, who is best known for his role in the hit 90’s show friends. It stars stars Clive Owen (Golden Globe & BAFTA winner), Catherine Keener, and Liana Liberato. The film is set in the suburbs of present day Chicago.
The film is about a teenage girl who becomes a victim of sexual abuse when she befriends a man on the Internet. 14-year-old Annie Cameron is the girl next door. She enjoys a healthy relationship with her parents. On Annie’s birthday, her parents give her a laptop. However Annie is rather naive in respect of some of the ways in which the Internet can be harmful. When she meets Charlie in an online chat room, she establishes an instant connection with him. While keeping the relationship secret from her family but confides only to her best friend. When they first come into contact, Annie discovers that Charlie is significantly older than he presented himself to be. The plot thickens as Annie’s life is turned upside down due to her relationship with Charlie.
Liana Liberato who portrays Annie gives a stellar performance; audiences can easily fall in love with her character. Laugh and cry with her through her coming to age. Liana is clearly the break out star in the film. Another note worthy character is Clive Owen who portrays Annie’s father is quite convincing with his emotions throughout the movie.
Trust is a must see film for all especially for both parents and children, so as to learn the dangers online relationships can cause. The film also depicts the importance of family and how love ultimately triumphs in the end.

Furry Vengeance

Posted by admin On May - 7 - 2010
Moral Rating:  Average

Movie making Quality: 2.5 stars
Primary Audience:Kids Family
Genre: Family Action Comedy
Length: 1 hr. 32 min.
Year of Release: 2010
USA Release: April 30, 2010

Dan (Brendan Fraser) is a real estate developer who has uprooted his family for a year to head up a project (Rocky Springs) for his boss, Lyman. The move is only temporary, but his wife Tammy (Brooke Shields) and son, Tyler (Matt Prokop) are not happy or supportive. Dan and his family are living in the first completed house in the project. It is a beautiful house sitting in the middle of a forest. Lyman bills themselves as ECO friendly and a â??greenâ? company.

As the work crews build other houses, it becomes apparent that the wildlife in the area have no plans of moving from their beautiful woodlands. When a raccoon hears of Lymanâ??s plans for Stage Two of the project, which includes leveling the forest, the animals plan revenge on Dan. The animals â??attack,â? in various ways, and Dan becomes obsessed with getting even. Tammy doesnâ??t believe the animals are attacking and thinks her husband is going crazy.

The language in this movie is pretty tame, with one hell, dâ??n, and various words such as stupid. At one point, Tammy says to Dan â??Iâ??m married to a lunatic,â? and Dan says (after getting sprayed with the sprinkler) â??Check out Mr. Pee-Pee Pants.â? He also makes reference to a leech in his no-no zone.

The slapstick comedy in this movie is over the top. Tyler shows Dan a picture of a dead person with a rattlesnake on top of him. Dan falls on the roof onto his crotch. He chases a raccoon in only his underwear. Several times Dan is sprayed by skunks. A raccoon pees on Danâ??s face, bites him, sets up a roadblock which forces Dan off the road, a gopher plays Whac-A-Mole with people, the animals set up a strategic attack plan (think â??Home Aloneâ?), etc.

Dan is forced to wear his wifeâ??s spandex warm-up suit, which is too small and has the words YUM-YUM across the buttocks region. As Dan is walking in the suit, you can clearly see the outline of a thong. There are several times men are seen in only their underwear (all non-sexual). Dan accidentally has his wife’s bra on. A girl is shown with short running shorts. The ending scene depicts cast members as various music video stars.

There is a drug reference: Dan drinks Mushroom Sleepy-Bye Tea, and, while sleeping,s has bizarre (hallucinations) dreams. Someone is shown smoking a cigar and throwing it in the forest.

There is a reference to Indians (people from India) and someone makes some tasteless Native American comments. A teacher makes a comment about a senile teacher regarding tenure.

I truly am amazed at the â??greenâ? movement. Huge corporations put the word green in their title or redesign their logo and make it green colored, and they think they are eco friendly. Humans continue to believe we are in control. We doubt the existence of God and then wonder why people donâ??t take care of what God created. We think we have the power to â??saveâ? or â??destroyâ? and leave God out of the picture. Psalm 24:1-2 states,

â??The earth is the Lordâ??s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.â?

As we recognize our Creator, we begin to realize the value of all He created and take better care of the earth and all its inhabitants, both people and animals.

This movie is just dumb. It really isnâ??t funnyâ??just cheap, slapstick humor. I would not waste my time seeing it. My 7 year old said â??it was okay.â? This movie definitely preaches the â??save the forest and the animalsâ? message. It is aimed at young children and depicts cute adorable animals only wanting to save their world. If you donâ??t think your children are ready to hear this message, avoid this movie.

Violence: Moderate Profanity: Mild / Sex/Nudity: Minor

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Posted by admin On May - 7 - 2010
Moral Rating: Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality: 3.5 stars
Primary Audience: Adults
Genre: Fantasy Horror Thriller
Length: 1 hr. 35 min.
Year of Release: 2010
USA Release: April 30, 2010

Twenty five years have passed since the world was first introduced to Freddy Krueger, the psychopath who terrorized the dreams of his victims in the film â??A Nightmare on Elm Street.â? Horror master Wes Cravenâ??s classic thriller brought the Boogey-man back to life as Krueger, who had fashioned a glove with knives for fingers, was able to invade the dreams of sleeping teens; if he killed them in their dreams, they died in real life. Those who saw this film in the 1980s cannot forget this character (masterfully played by Robert Englund)â??his sarcasm, his wicked laugh that sent shivers down the spine, and his comedic sparkâ??all of which made Freddy all the more scary.

In the 2010 remake, that Freddy Krueger is gone. Director Samuel Bayer takes Freddy (this time played by Jackie Earle Haley; most fans would recognize Haley from his teen years as Kelly from â??The Bad News Bearsâ?) in a decidedly nuanced direction. Aside from a few minor scenes reminiscent of the original, Bayer sets up a bit of a prequel to the original where we get the back story of how Krueger became the villain that he is.

A gardener at a local pre-school, Krueger, we learn, is a pedophile who had been abusing several children. When their parents learn about his misdeeds, they chase him into an  abandoned warehouse and set fire to the building, and they make a pact never to speak of the dead man ever again, nor tell the children what he had done to them. With his power to enter their dreams, Krueger hunts down his former victims, one by one. Only Nancy (Rooney Mara) and Quentin (Kyle Gallner) realize Kruegerâ??s planâ??can they stay awake long enough not to be killed?

There is not much here for the Christian viewer. Bad language, violence and murder, pedophilia, and suggestions of rape. Surprisingly, there is no nudity (in one scene, Nancy disrobes to get into a bathtubâ??nothing is shown. While in the tub, Kruegerâ??s knifed hand appears between her legs). One redeeming scene late in the movie shows Quentin hanging a cross around Nancyâ??s neck for protection; when she questions his religiosity, Quentin argues, â??Hey, you gotta believe in something, right?â?

The simple question that begs to be asked is why anyone would want to mess with such a classic film. Admittedly, the remake is much better than the sequels which were made (e.g., â??Freddy vs. Jasonâ?), but the remake is still a bit unnecessary. Remaking Cravenâ??s work is comparable to someone trying to redo Hitchcockâ??s â??Psychoâ?; it just should not be done. Wait, bad exampleâ?¦ someone already did that and failed. How about â??The Texas Chainsaw Massacreâ?? Oops, too late! â??Halloweenâ?? â??Friday the 13thâ?? A message to all would-be-film-remakersâ??â??If it ainâ??t broke, donâ??t fix it!â?

Violence: Extreme / Profanity: Extreme / Sex/Nudity: Heavy

Left 4 Dead 2

Posted by admin On March - 22 - 2010

It all started way back in 2004 with the release of the Source Engine and Counter Strike: Source. From there, we have seen many excellent games from Valve, and Valve has become one of the most loved game developers of today. Their latest installment, Left 4 Dead 2, stands on its own among Valveâ??s repertoire of titles. Whereas Left 4 Dead reflected the atmosphere of 28 Days Later, Left 4 Dead 2 would be better suited to Zombieland or Planet Terror. It exhibits a less dire feel than its predecessor. The characters are more stereotypical, the events are sometimes almost hilarious, and the dialogue could easily have been pulled out of almost any 80s-90s zombie b-film. Fortunately, the quality of game still stands strong.

Taking place chronologically before Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 follows the story of four different survivors in the deep South, heading to New Orleans for evacuation. The gameplay is unchanged from its predecessor. You control a single survivor and fight your way through hordes of the undead in order to reach a goal. Special infected zombies often fall into the mix, attempting to ruin your progress. Typically special infected capture survivors and prevent them from moving or fighting and another survivor is required to save the zombie-laden captive. L4D2 includes all three infected from the previous game (Smoker, Hunter, and Boomer) and three entirely new special infected. The Charger is a giant tank-like zombie with a humungous arm it uses to plow through survivors. If it happens to collide with a survivor, the charger snatches them up and carries them off until it hits a wall, at which time it will pound the survivor into the ground dealing large amounts of damage. The Jockey, denoted by its terrifying and twisted laugh, can leap onto the shoulders of a survivor and steer them in a direction of their choosing, all the while dealing damage to them. The Spitter can launch a small sac of acid at the survivors which will break upon contact with the ground. The acid deals continual damage to any survivor standing in it.

Another addition to the L4D universe is the uncommon common infected. In other words, mixed in with the typical hordes of zombies are regular zombies that have certain immunities. Hazmat zombies are invulnerable to fire, police zombies with body armor are immune to gunfire, and clowns attract other zombies with their squeaky shoes. These are just a few of the multitude of varieties of zombies the survivors face.

For the survivors, the most interesting addition is melee weaponry. Survivors can carry either a pistol or a melee weapon. Melee weapons are an instant kill when they strike any common infected and deal extra damage to special infected. There are nine melee weapons in total, which include cricket bats, police batons, frying pans, and even an electric guitar. The survivors can now also find defibrillators to bring back dead teammates, boomer bile bombs that attract the horde to whatever they strike, and special explosive and incendiary ammunition.

All three gameplay modes from Left 4 Dead are included. Players have the choice between playing through a campaign (consisting of several chapters) with 3 A.I. survivors, with up to 3 human players, or in versus mode in which human players take turns playing as survivors and infected while playing through a campaign. Survival mode is also still included where players must hold up in one spot as long as possible while an ever increasing horde of zombies attacks. L4D2 includes a new game mode  called Scavenge in which the survivors are required to collect gas cans and pour them into some sort of tank. Other individuals playing as the infected try to prevent the survivors from successfully fueling up.

The sound and graphics are astounding with this title, as is always the case in a Valve title. Every infected has their own short theme song and sound for survivors to listen for in order to be prepared for battle. Gunfire sounds and looks realistic, dismemberment is realistic to the point of being overwhelming, and the environments are very convincing and atmospheric. Graphically, the game isnâ??t top notch, but it certainly looks good enough. Valve even included some new effects such as downpours and adrenalin that add to the feel of the game. The lighting and atmosphere have only improved over L4D.

Unfortunately, L4D2 falls on its face in the exact same way as its prequel: A.I. When playing any mode in which you donâ??t have the appropriate number of human players, gamers will be forced to suffer the Left 4 Dead horrific, computer controlled players. While they are often effective and nothing short of impressive, it is not uncommon in countless games to see them break. Some issues were as bad as an A.I. survivor leaping off ledges to their death, ignoring incapacitated survivors, and sometimes even ignoring zombies or special infected. This problem has very negative consequences for a game so focused on teamwork and keeping everyone alive. So, for those unfortunate souls with no one to play with, the game is going to be full of frustration in dealing with the occasionally block-headed A.I.

Anyone following the hype surrounding Left 4 Dead 2 will be aware of the rating issues in Australia. The gameâ??s well deserved M rating is primarily the result of its gore. The gore in L4D2 is incredibly detailed and explicit. Bullet wounds on zombies are very realistic and generally reveal their insides and often result in realistic human organs spilling out. Striking zombies with melee weapons results in large amounts of blood spattering in the playerâ??s eyes. Explosives, gunfire, and melee weapons can dismember and mortally wound zombies, sometimes even turning them into a red mist. Mild language also finds its way into the game as the survivors react to their situations. Typically the cursing is lost in the excitement of the game, but it is certainly still present.

Bugs aside, with all of the added material stretched out over five, intense and cinematic campaigns, Left 4 Dead 2 easily lives up to the hype. The new items, characters, and zombies give the game a new dimension while still maintaining the good old Left 4 Dead feeling. The five campaigns are all quite long and interconnected, giving more continuity to the story. The finales are explosive and exciting, the multiplayer is intense and competitive, and the atmosphere is excellent. Had it not been for the faulty A.I., Left 4 Dead 2 could have easily earned itself 5 stars and an editorâ??s choice award, but unfortunately, it is too glaring an issue in a game so focused on teamwork. It certainly earned its 18+ rating due to incredibly explicit and detailed gore and filthy language. Left 4 Dead 2 stands strong both as another excellent Source Engine game and as a striking addition to the weak genre of zombie video games. By the way, Valve just released the development tools for Left 4 Dead 2 just in time for Christmas, so be ready for lots of PC mods and custom content!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Starts Strong but Weakens

Posted by admin On March - 22 - 2010

Release Date:  March 19, 2010
Rating:  PG (for some rude humor and language)
Genre: Comedy, Adaptation
Run Time: 120 min.
Director:  Thor Freudenthal

Actors:  Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Rachel Harris, Steve Zahn, Devon Bostick, Grayson Russell, Chloe Moretz

Raise your hand if you were a wimpy kid.

I was, and although a little time at the gym in recent years hasn’t changed much, I feel a lot better about my wimpiness after a good workout.

Diary of Wimpy Kid, based on the books by Jeff Kinney and directed by Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs), brought back memories of the most awkward time in my life, and in any man’s life: The beginning of middle school. The longtime friends you’ve established over the years start to grow up, look different and gravitate to new social circles. You either do the sameâ??or get left behind.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is aimed at all those who got left behind. It’s fitfully funny, and at times is surprisingly fresh in its take on adolescence. But the film slips into standard comedy fare a bit too often, keeping it from being the breakout comedy it threatens to be early in its running time.

Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) has plans to make an impression on his new classmates. His older brother (Devon Bostick) does his best to advise him on how to steer clear of any trouble in his middle-school environment: Don’t talk to anyone, keep your head down and, most of all, don’t be seen hanging out with your best friendâ??the chubby Rowley (Robert Capron). He’ll only hold you back.

Greg has his own plans for getting noticed, but from the beginning of class on his first days, those plans backfire repeatedly. No one will sit with him in the cafeteriaâ??no one except the likes of the geeky Fregley (Grayson Russell) and other nerds.

Greg remains prepubescent: Girls are still nuisances rather than potential dates. He’s so wrapped up in his plot to free himself of his dorky friends that he doesn’t respond to Angie (Chloe Moretz)â??a beauty whose bookwormish tendencies isolate her from most of her classmates. She refuses to engage in the gamesmanship and social competition that Greg is so eager to navigate.

The set-up is a good one, thanks to a script by veteran TV writers Jackie and Jeff Filgo that contrasts Greg’s  self-conscious awareness of his statureâ??he’s smaller than 95 percent of the kids at his schoolâ??with a cocksure attitude that needs a serious adjustment. He believes everyone who surrounds him is a moron, and that he deserves something better. It’s only fitting when Rowley, on whom Greg looks with disdain and whom he abuses in his own efforts to shake free from “loser” status, becomes the most popular kid in their class.

For every one of the film’s creative momentsâ??a school newspaper headline reads “CHEERLEADER GAINS POUND” and Greg’s downfall in social position is illustrated in the manner of the book on which the film is basedâ??there’s a pedestrian element that offsets it. Urban legends about a tract of forest called “devil worshipper woods” and a curse (“the cheese touch”) involving a piece of moldy cheese on the blacktop are predictable, and a rival female classmate is annoying to viewers as she is to Greg.

Of course, urban legends and annoying classmates are part of the middle-school experience. They just happen to come across as tedious in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which brings a freshness to other elements of its story that might have been much more routine in their execution (the recent film, How to Eat Fried Worms, while generally inoffensive, is an example of undistinguished adaptation of a popular kids’ book).

Greg’s father is slightly kooky, while his mother offers the film’s key lesson: Our choices make us who we are. Greg must decide who his true friends are. It’s not a deep story, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid goes down pretty easily. It has its share of laughsâ??even for adultsâ??and reminds us that the pain of those early years subsides in time. Especially if we make the right choices.


* Language/Profanity:  “Oh, God”; “turd bird.”
* Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  None.
* Sex/Nudity:  Nothing sexual; shot of man in bathing suit sunbathing; shot of boy sitting on a plastic toilet, doing his business; a boy accidentally urinates on his brother.
* Violence/Crime:  Sibling teasing and torment; threats that someone will “literally kill” someone else; kid is sprayed by a host; a game involving a football and Big Wheel leads to a broken arm; boy picks his nose, extends his finger and chases after another boy; a fight breaks out during a student play.
* Religion:  Town myth dubs a wooded area “devil worshipper woods”


Posted by admin On March - 15 - 2010

Content at a glance:

Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Strong Language This is a sci-fi first-person shooter in which players assume the roles of mercenary treasure hunters on a mission to the fictional planet of Pandora. Players undertake missions/quests that increase characters’ skills, eliminate an assortment of mutant creatures, and drive and collide with advanced alien vehicles. Players kill hundreds of enemies (e.g., human bandits and mercenary soldiers) over the course of the game by using a wide variety of guns (shotguns, sniper rifles), explosives, and special ammo types (fire, acid and electricity, etc.). The combat is frenetic, and enemies moan or scream when they are hit. Damage from weapons also results in large spurts of blood, dismemberment, and decapitation. When a human or creature is decapitated, an effect resembling a fountain of blood will shoot from the neck for a few seconds and stop. Some weapons  cause enemies to split in half, the top being separated from the waist. During the course of the game, characters make jokes about streaking, body parts, rape, and mothers (e.g., “â?¦more busted than my momma’s girly parts”). Strong profanity (e.g., “f*cking,” “sh*t,” “p*ssy,” and “d*ckbag”) can be heard in the dialogue.


A sci-fi / action RPG from acclaimed developer Gearbox, Borderlands combines the best in first-person action with player customization and vehicular combat for incredible layers of gameplay depth. The game features a groundbreaking content generation system allowing for near-endless variety in missions, environments, enemies, weapons, item drops and character customization. Borderlands allows for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously online in co-op gameplay. Players can freely join or leave each otherâ??s games at anytime, or choose to play in the full single-player mode. The game also boasts lifelike character animations, impressive real-time physics, and customizable vehicles.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Posted by admin On March - 15 - 2010
Rating:T (Teen)
Devloper/Publisher:Warner Bros, DC, Rocksteady, Eidos
Released:Aug, 25 2009
Review Published:March 11, 2010 / 8:11 am
Platform:Featured, PC, PS 3, Xbox 360

VIOLENCE: The violence in this game is bloodless and not gory for the most part. A drug transforms inmates into a ugly beast, and this change can be kind of gross, but no blood or gore is shown. In normal combat Batman knocks his enemies unconscious (he never kills them), but occasionally he will break their arm or their leg as an ‘instant KO’.

LANGUAGE: The language is this game was your usual Teen rated fare. ‘Oh my God’ is used multiple times, as well as b–ch, d–m, hell, and a–.

SEXUAL CONTENT: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy both wear revealing outfits, and Joker cracks lewd jokes from time to time.

DARK ENVIRONMENT: The game features a very, very dark and oppressive environment. The Joker leaves dead bodies strewn across the Asylum, and sometimes in horrifying ways. When Batman is exposed to Scarecrow’s gas, the Asylum gets even creepier: Batman imagines himself talking to his dead parents (gruesome white ghouls in body bags), and in one instance Batman sees himself eating a rat.


Popping this game into my Xbox 360 console, you’d expect a dark, sinister game that would try to equal the darkness in the movie peer, The Dark Knight. Surprisingly, the game draws absolutely nothing from the movie: The characters are like they were in the old TV shows and comicsâ?¦ the classic â??Batmanâ?? crew is back. But, the game is still quite dark, but is greatly enjoyable.

The game begins with Batman driving to the Arkham Asylum with Joker tied up in the passenger seat. Things go downhill once Joker and Batman get inside the Asylum thoughâ?¦ Joker had been planning going to the Asylum for a very long time, and Gotham is soon at risk once again.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay in this game was astonishing. The game never got old, and kept me hooked from beginning to end. Itâ??s a game that uses aspects of multiple different genres, and pushes those genres to near perfection.

There are multiple difficulties which cater from the most casual player to the most hardcore. The controls are not clumsy at all, and they are very easy to learn. The soundtrack of the game is epic to say the least, and the sound effects were top notch.

This is one of the few games where finding all the hidden things and figuring out the secrets was incredibly fun. Most games I donâ??t even worry about the side stuff, but this game had me hooked. The Riddler makes his appearance and gives you hordes of riddles to solve as a side quest. You can choose not to solve them all, but it proves to be as fun as completing that main storyline if you do.

That being said, letâ??s get to the nitty-gritty of what is keeping this game from being the perfect Batman game.

VIOLENCE: The violence in this game is hard to write about. In some cases, it is extremely violent, yet at the same time the violence is minimal. The violence is completely bloodless, yet it can be disturbing at times.

In normal combat Batman knocks  his enemies unconscious (he never kills them), but occasionally he will break their arm or their leg as an â??instant KOâ??. When he breaks a limb we hear the snap and the cry of pain from the inmate, which can be kind of disturbing. Batman can also hit enemies with his Batarangs, which just knocks the enemy/enemies to the floor.

Batmanâ??s rivals, however, are not so kind. Joker leaves dead bodies strewn all across Arkham, and is some cases he does this in a very disturbing way. Joker strangles a guard with his handcuffs in the beginning. We see the body of a turncoat guard strapped to a gully with a green smile scrawled on his face. A few other less disturbing instances occur as well, but the ones mentioned are the worst.

Also worth mentioning, some inmates are injected with a drug that transforms them into Hulk-like monsters. This transformation is quite disgusting in some cases.

LANGUAGE: The language is this game was your usual Teen rated fare. â??Oh my Godâ?? is used multiple times, as well as bâ??ch, dâ??m, hell, and aâ??.

SEXUAL CONTENT: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy wear cleavage bearing outfits, but Poison Ivyâ??s outfit goes even further than that. For her lower section she wears a tight green thong that leaves very little to the imagination. Also the Joker cracks lewd jokes from time to time.

DARK ENVIRONMENT: Letâ??s face it. There are a lot of games out these days that feature very dark and disturbing environments. Gears of War and Left 4 Dead are the main two that come to mind, and sadly, Batman: Arkham Asylum ranks right up there with those two dark and creepy titles.

As I said in the Violence section, Joker leaves corpseâ??s strewn all across Arkham. Lots of times he scrawls smiley faces on them, or does some other sinister deed to the dead bodies before he moves on to his next victim. It can be very disturbing.

At one point in the game, the more â??insaneâ?? inmates are let loose, and their actions can sometimes be disturbing as well. One such inmate is seen laughing and giggling while prodding a dead guardâ??s body. Other inmates are seen eating rats.



Probably the most disturbing part of the game, however, is the Scarecrow. When Batman is exposed to the Scarecrowâ??s gas, the world turns into a terrible, fearful place. Bugs that donâ??t exist crawl all over everything. Batman sees himself batting at things that arenâ??t there, and in one instance Batman sees himself eating a rat when he is under the influence of Scarecrowâ??s gas. Batman imagines himself talking to his dead parents, who are ghastly white-eyed ghouls in body bags, and in a few instances he has to fight skeletons.


CONCLUSION: This game is one of the few games that I will call â??amazingâ??. The gameplay is great, itâ??s a fun, innovative game with a great storyline and plot, but there are the issues with the games content. If you are easily disturbed, or just plain donâ??t like anything dark or oppressive then this game is not for you. If you can handle the content, I highly recommend this game and I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Shivers Galore on Shutter Island

Posted by admin On March - 13 - 2010

Release Date: February 19, 2010
Rating: R (for disturbing violent content, language and some nudity)
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Adaptation
Run Time: 138 min.
Director: Martin Scorcese
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Emily Mortimer, Max von Sydow, Patricia Clarkson

Prepare to be put through the wringer with Shutter Island.

Dreamlike and full of haunting imagery and music, the film is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) and directed by Martin Scorcese (Goodfellas, The Departed, The Last Temptation of Christ). The movie is a spectacular downer with several moments of great emotional anguish. It ends on such a grim note that it’s hard to imagine anyone enjoying the film.

Is that a deal-breaker? By no means.

Sure, Shutter Island is depressing, but it’s also potent, with directorial nods to Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrickâ??most notably to Vertigo and The Shining. Like those films, it will disturb and unsettle viewers hoping for more upbeat fare, but it will reward others who can absorb the story’s horrors.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Teddy Daniels, a U.S. marshal who arrives at Shutter Island, site of the Ashcliffe Psychiatric Correctional Facility for the mentally unbalanced. He’s there with his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), to investigate the disappearance of a patient, Rachel (Emily Mortimer), from the facility.

The institution is tightly controlled by security staff and Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley), who, in 1954â??the year the movie is setâ??is fighting battles within the medical community. He’s pushing for newer therapies to treat the mentally disturbed patients at Shutter Island, and for an end to the barbaric treatments of earlier decades.

Daniels, it’s slowly revealed, could use Cawley’s help. All business on the surface, he’s plagued by visions he can’t shake of his wife and children, who died in a fire. As he digs further into the disappearance of Rachel, he becomes ever more deeply haunted by his pastâ??not only his family tragedy, but his wartime experience and images of the death camp he helped to liberate.

The workers and inmates at Shutter Island speak to Daniels in a manner that sometimes comes across as rehearsed. Is there more to Daniels’ pursuit than even he realizes? Is Daniels pursuing Rachel or running from his own past?

The film’s conclusion is drawn out, and its horrors are so disturbing that audience members will justifiably ask if Daniels’ torment needs to be depicted at such length. But Shutter  Island‘s most disturbing images are its most memorableâ??just as Kubrick’s images of murdered children and gushing blood are among the most memorable in (and essential to) The Shining, and Hitchcock’s shots of the grief-stricken Jimmy Stewart are what linger most from Vertigo.

DiCaprio gives Daniels a fragile bravado that slowly disintegrates (his turn in Revolutionary Road, set within a year of Shutter Island, suggests that he excels at playing characters from 1950s), while Ruffalo plays it appropriately cool as his partner. Kingsley stands out as Cawley and the great Max von Sydow adds acting heft as another doctor on the island. Yet it’s several smaller supporting performances from Emily Mortimer, Jackie Earle Haley and Elias Koteas that up the creepy quotient and add significantly to the film’s spooky atmosphere.

Even better is the look of the film with production design from Dante Ferretti (Sweeney Todd, The Black Dahlia) and brilliant image-making from cinematographer Robert Richardson, who shot Scorcese’s The Aviator and Bringing Out the Dead.

This is not a film for those looking for a fun time. It’s a serious, somber tale of death and disorder, and it is not easily forgotten. Don’t be surprised if you shudder more than once, and are still shivering later, at the thought of Shutter Island‘s story.



  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; multiple obscenities, including several uses of the “f” word; an inmate discusses his violent sexual encounters; racial epithet.
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: Liquor and cigars are offered and consumed; more smoking at several points throughout the film; wife asks Teddy if he’s ever sober; drug treatments are contrasted favorably to earlier methods of treating the mentally disturbed; an alleged conspiracy involving drug shipments; pipe smoking.
  • Sex/Nudity: Naked woman in a painting; men shower and wrap towels around themselves, but nothing below the waist is shown; later, male frontal and rear nudity is briefly seen; a man urinates in public, but is photographed from behind, so nothing is visible; kissing.
  • Violence/Crime: Images of bleeding, disfigured soldier; bodies piled in death camp; in an imagined scene, blood runs through Teddy’s laced fingers; an inmate tells of cutting a woman and making her scream; a woman is covered in blood, with dead children at her feet; extended shots of drowned children.
  • Religion: A discussion about whether Teddy believes in God; a man says he thought God gave us moral order; a man says God gave us violence to wage war in His honor.


Cliché ,Comprises of three members, Twist,NewBorn n K’oezzy.both rappers n singers.

Kenyan christian music

Cliche – All About You

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Cliche – All About You

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Calling – Mr Googz & Christo Fabulous

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MILELE (Episode IV) – Saint Stevoh

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Mercy Masika – Mwema

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