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Posted by root On February - 4 - 2010

His ascent up the Gospel entertainment scene may have come rather quickly, but heâ??s been in the game for a minute, honing his mic skills and toning his spiritual muscle â?? all in readiness to serve Gospel fans a special lyrical feast.

Juliani admits to being a â??spiritual guyâ?? from his early years, having been raised in a strict Christian environment. Yet the message of Christ made no sense to him for many years, he was content to just drift through life, seeing where and how it would take him. He grew up as part of a large family, with one sister and five brothers. Born and bred in the sprawling Dandora suburbs, the spiritual home of many Kenyan hip-hop icons, including Kalamashaka and Ukoo Fulani, music effortlessly became a part of his existence.With his sleek lyrical flow and passionate delivery, he easily got absorbed into the group. Soon he started performing with them at many local gigs and clubs, especially at the renowned Florida 2000 night club and casino. In 2001 the group released the full-length album Kilio Cha Haki, and Julianiâ??s Fanya Tena was an attraction of it.

After attending Wangu Primary School, he moved on to the place where he would fall in love with the arts, Dandora Secondary School. There he started rapping after he met up with Wenyejiâ??s Robert who later introduced him to Ukoo Fulani.

In August of 2006, his chance meeting with another amazing talent initiated what might very well be a storied career in mainstream acceptance. During a school mission at Moi Forces Academy, he bumped into Astar, who was impressed enough with Julianiâ??s flow that he decided to introduce him to Kijiji Records. Astar had just completed recording his debut single Close Your Eyes; a track that was riding high on the local music charts. He made the unlikely gesture of inviting Juliani to feature on the remix to the said single â?? a touch of genius.

As far as solo material is concerned, Juliani teamed up with Gospo-Epicâ??s DJ riQ to release his very first artist mixtape, which was received fairly well on the streets. His singles have continued to capture the imagination of Gospel fans – the older Jesusnosis is still an unrivalled work of art, while his most recent jam, Mtaa Mentality has been a run-away hit, with a top-flight video to boot.

2009 saw Juliani become the first local act to get signed on a UK label. Gatwitch Records snapped him up, and soon after he released his critically acclaimed debut album, Mtaa Mentality, which features hit singles such as Biceps and Hela. The album also went on to garner two accolades at the 2009 Groove Awards – Best Hip-Hop Album (Mtaa Mentality), and Best Hip-Hop Single (Mtaa Mentality).

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