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Dj Academy

Posted by admin On February - 17 - 2010

Beginner DJ Course (6 WKS)

Whether youâ??re taking your first steps as a DJ or are a professional looking to further your skills, this intensive course is designed to provide long-lasting results in a short time. The sessions are mostly practical mixing & basic theory. Particular attention is given to those critical elements that make the difference between just mixing and being a great DJ: the importance of the play list, the role of the DJ, the relationship with audience, career opportunities and more.

Our courses:-

  1. Basic DJ
  2. Advance DJ â?? Digital DJ
  1. Basic DJ Course: -

This is the ideal course for a beginner who wants to explore his / her creativity in this field.

  • Equipment
  • CDâ??s
  • Basic music theory
  • Mixing Tools
  • Monitoring
  • Mixing & Blending music
  • Dj decisions
  • Business
  • Mp3â??s

This course is designed to leave graduates with all the foundation, technical, physical and musical skills necessary to become competent DJs.


  1. Safety â?? The importance of a clean and efficient working area, tidy, organized cabling and common safety procedures.
  2. Equipment & Setup â?? What compents are needed in a basic DJ setup. Understanding the turntable and mixer and its various components.
  3. Track Structure â?? Introduction to beats, bars and phrases. How dance music is structured and the different sound elements. Track structures and the affect on play online blackjack the mix.
  4. Headphone Handling â?? Cueing up with headphones. Split cueing and setting the correct volumes. Headphone referencing.
  5. Beat Matching & Mixing â?? Phrase and drop mixing including cutting. The use of EQs. Line level mixing. Cross fader and mixer functions.
  6. Set Construction â?? Picking appropriate music for a venue or audience. Artistry and how to best represent your chosen sound.
  7. Mixing Assessment / Performance

Advance DJâ?? Digital DJ (4WKS)

Course Overview

  • Learn to DJ from digital mp3s using software like Rane Serato, Torq (Industry Standard).
  • Tips & tricks with using your laptop & CD decs. (A blend between Hardware & Software.)
  • Make crates & play lists in Serato.
  • Make Sets for your gig / show.
  • Song library management.
  • Using various samples & effects in Serato.


This course covers all the essential scratch techniques needed to take your skills and performance to the next level.


  1. History â?? Basic hiistory of scratching and hiphop elements.
  2. Equipment Introduction & Setup â?? Quick rundown on the equipment and best ways for setting up for scratching.
  3. Basic Scratch Techniques â?? Chirp, transformer, up fade, stabs and baby scratching.
  4. Cross Fader Training â?? Basic fader techniques and scratching over beats.
  5. Mixing â?? Basic hiphop beat mixing and beat juggling.
  6. (Advanced Scratch Techniques â?? Learn flare, orbit, crab and drumming scratch techniques.) STUDENTS LEARN ON THEIR OWN

The Kenyan gospel industry welcomes the newest female singer going by the stage name Tybe.

Tybe has dropped her single titled No Worries, an uplifting song about living life without worrying about tomorrow because Jesus has taken care of it.

It is a really nice song and Tybe’s voice does the song justice

No Worries – TYBE

Posted by Dj priesty

No Worries – TYBE

Posted by Dj priesty

Joyce Omondi ft. Rigga – NIFICHE

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Saint Stevoh – OH MY (EpisodeIII)

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Mr. Googz – Redemption

Posted by Dj priesty

Nue Nendete Reloaded Aning’ning’ Dance-Mbuvi

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