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Dj Academy

Posted by admin On February - 17 - 2010

Beginner DJ Course (6 WKS)

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a DJ or are a professional looking to further your skills, this intensive course is designed to provide long-lasting results in a short time. The sessions are mostly practical mixing & basic theory. Particular attention is given to those critical elements that make the difference between just mixing and being a great DJ: the importance of the play list, the role of the DJ, the relationship with audience, career opportunities and more.

Our courses:-

  1. Basic DJ
  2. Advance DJ – Digital DJ
  1. Basic DJ Course: -

This is the ideal course for a beginner who wants to explore his / her creativity in this field.

  • Equipment
  • CD’s
  • Basic music theory
  • Mixing Tools
  • Monitoring
  • Mixing & Blending music
  • Dj decisions
  • Business
  • Mp3’s

This course is designed to leave graduates with all the foundation, technical, physical and musical skills necessary to become competent DJs.


  1. Safety – The importance of a clean and efficient working area, tidy, organized cabling and common safety procedures.
  2. Equipment & Setup – What compents are needed in a basic DJ setup. Understanding the turntable and mixer and its various components.
  3. Track Structure – Introduction to beats, bars and phrases. How dance music is structured and the different sound elements. Track structures and the affect on the mix.
  4. Headphone Handling – Cueing up with headphones. Split cueing and setting the correct volumes. Headphone referencing.
  5. Beat Matching & Mixing – Phrase and drop mixing including cutting. The use of EQs. Line level mixing. Cross fader and mixer functions.
  6. Set Construction – Picking appropriate music for a venue or audience. Artistry and how to best represent your chosen sound.
  7. Mixing Assessment / Performance

Advance DJ– Digital DJ (4WKS)

Course Overview

  • Learn to DJ from digital mp3s using software like Rane Serato, Torq (Industry Standard).
  • Tips & tricks with using your laptop & CD decs. (A blend between Hardware & Software.)
  • Make crates & play lists in Serato.
  • Make Sets for your gig / show.
  • Song library management.
  • Using various samples & effects in Serato.


This course covers all the essential scratch techniques needed to take your skills and performance to the next level.


  1. History – Basic hiistory of scratching and hiphop elements.
  2. Equipment Introduction & Setup – Quick rundown on the equipment and best ways for setting up for scratching.
  3. Basic Scratch Techniques – Chirp, transformer, up fade, stabs and baby scratching.
  4. Cross Fader Training – Basic fader techniques and scratching over beats.
  5. Mixing – Basic hiphop beat mixing and beat juggling.
  6. (Advanced Scratch Techniques – Learn flare, orbit, crab and drumming scratch techniques.) STUDENTS LEARN ON THEIR OWN

Mr. Googz – Redemption (Official Video)”>Mr. Googz – Redemption (Official Video)

Redemption is a story of how the old secular Mr.Googz got converted, this is vividly articulated in my first three lines of the 1st verse- ”The day dat i made that confession- i saw di light am a different creation- my life took a different turn an His life in mi life is a divine connection” – the song is a an introduction of the NEW me, every word in it is a reality in my life and a firm conviction.

Mr. Googz – Redemption

Posted by Dj priesty

Mr. Googz – Redemption

Posted by Dj priesty

Nue Nendete Reloaded Aning’ning’ Dance-Mbuvi

Posted by Dj priesty

Kanjii Mbugua feat. Enid Moraa – Mfalme Mkuu

Posted by Dj priesty

Lingala Ya Yesu – Pitson

Posted by Dj priesty

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