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Abby the Worshiper

Posted by Dj priesty On October - 2 - 2012


Abigail Mutinda Maingi, popularly known as Abby to her fans, is a lively, bubbly, pleasant, and Thika-grown gospel song-bird.  Abby, is a born again worship leader and artist who started singing at a young age after being introduced to music by her mother in their kitchen. There, they sang beautiful songs while preparing food; she remembers her mum’s favorite song was ‘Rock of Ages’.
Abby continued singing into high school, college and even became a worship leader at the age of 19, when God introduced her into real ministry.

Her debut album, Upendo, by the name of was launched in 2005 with hit songs such as Upendo and Hama Shetani.  Her sophomore album, Baba Wajua(2006), has easy- to-dance-to hits such as Kayo and the sensational Ni Wewe Mungu Wangu which have done well both in Kenya and Norway. Produced in Norway in 2009, her third album Tangible Worship, is an ably named album that allows the listener to have an intimate conversation with God through its lyrics.
While in Norway, Abby was a worship leader and a secretary  in one of the fastest growing church in Oslo, Oslo International Charismatic Church (www.oicchurch.org).
Now back in Kenya, Abby intends to launch her forth album, Kingdom Aroma on a live-band performance on 2nd December 2012 at Destiny Worship Center, Munene.

In addition to her being a recording artist, Abby’s call as a worship leader has led her to start a ministry by the name TANGIBLE WORSHIP MINISTRIES. Tangible worship is a ministry that is based on Matthew 6:33. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  In the world today, worship has become another session in the schedule of each and every church, worship leaders have become entertainers and magnets to bring in people to church so that they can be entertained while in real sense worship has power, God dwells and inhabits in the praises of His children and when God comes down, things happen, He never leaves the situation to be the same.

Tangible worship was born to bring back this reality that when we seek God in our worship He will come and dwell in us and with us. Tangible worship has come to bring the scriptures into completion that walls can be brought down when we lift up the  name of Jesus in praise, that the enemies’ camp can be brought to confusion when we praise the Lord of Hosts.

Tangible worship is not a church but a ministry that has the burden of mentoring worship leaders on;

  • how to bring down the presence of God in their worship sessions
  • how to conduct worship effectively and efficiently
  • how to be confident as they lead,
  • how to handle worship team crisis,
  • how to organize their worship sessions,
  • how to present themselves before people and even in their private live,
  • how to leave a life of worship,
  • How to arrange songs and more so how to relate with church leaders and pastors.


Tangible worship does not only concentrate on worship leaders but also on mentoring gospel artists and all worshipers, that is everybody, to adoring God and seeing Him minister to His people as they worship, to help artists to write songs that minister to the souls of men and bring down the glory of God.

Tangible worship ministries will also be holding praise worship sessions in various churches with an exception of two major sessions every year.

Tangible worship will bring a new aroma in the presence of the Lord despite where you come from or who you are, what your position is in your society or your career, your gender or who people have called you. Tangible worship brings change beginning from the inside and it manifests on the outside through teaching the word and obedience to the word of God will lead to its manifestation. The Bible says in Deut 28:2 that, And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God. When we are obedient to the word of God and worship Him in the right way, His blessings will come upon us and not only that, but they will overtake us. Just like a car overtakes another car because it is going slow, it shall come to be that the Lord will open doors and where you pass you will find that He has already shed blessings for you and your work is to enjoy and to possess.

May the Lord bless you even as you plan to attend one of the worship sessions or mentorship classes or even as you worship with Abigail in one of her cds or dvd.

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