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Posted by root On May - 20 - 2010

Dann Njoroge Mwangi (Number 8)  shares some of his spoken word pieces


He said he loved her smile and right then she flashed it
Bought her shot after shot after shot of pint then she flashed it
Began to lust at her bust-she busted him...but then she flashed it
She saved her number on his phone and then she flashed it
All was moving really fast like someone had flashed it
Because soon she became the port for his flash disk
All illusion like camera with no film and then he flashed it
Her memory took her mind back like it flashed it
Flashback of the sex, took the test then she flushed it
Said she couldn't keep no baby so she flashed it
Her spirit stood so pale like the sun had flushed it
All because on the first date the brother smashed it!

Now a cringe every time the sister sees the scissors
It's like ceasures seize her
Cost more than what she sees as Caesar's
Trying to A-xel but the C's just cease her
Drowning in inadequaSEAS that sleeze and tease her
So please, listen preachers and teachers,
Not even shallow priests can adequately reach or teach us
Coz deceit just lingers and leaves us
Vulnerable to the pressures of figures and figures
The fingers to triggers
Of our spiritual stick-ups for decamps
From the King's camp to his camp
Craving for when our every breath he cups like hiccups
Coz we need to be still there like tree-stumps in His terms
But the beast wants the distance
Offering assistance to the least ones with the cisterns
The sisters- The system
This is them-desist themâ?¦
So the obsessions in the mere thrill and skill of the games we play-
let's trash them
Let's smash them, let's crush them
And yes, let's flush themâ?¦

In conclusion lemme say that I'm amazed at
A sight to behold and gaze at
So-called Great flirts
Seemingly Brave cats
Swimming in fake guts
burnt up like tray dust
The stray darts we throw break hearts and cause grave hurts
Yet we still seek applause 4our labor like its May 1st
So I choose to pray 1st and I possibly may fast
Coz the pain we've caused can't be hushed palace online casino for life
So I tender my apology and flush my pride.
My prayer of God's tangible love is upon you
Ladies who may have fallen victim to the wrong dude
Holding onto what you thought was strong true and noble
Guyz quit livin a page at a time- life is not a novel
You need to think thru the repercussions of your actions
Coz there's more to "The game" than your ego's satisfaction!
So flash it!!!

*Vain plight...*

Lookin for God with all the wrong senses,
lookin for love in all the wrong places,
lookin for beauty in all the wrong faces,
lookin for growth in the wrong phases,
lookin for depth in all the wrong phrases,
lookin to worship with all the wrong praises,
lookin to justify on all the wrong basis,
lookin for foundations on all the wrong bases,
lookin to be efficient with all the wrong paces,
lookin to quench thirst from all the wrong cases,
lookin for victory in all the wrong races,
lookin to appeal with all the wrong dresses,
lookin to be relevant thru all the wrong crazes
lookin 4greatness on all the wrong stages
lookin to be taught from all the wrong pages
lookin for TRUTH void of God's basics
in search of the TRUTH is what this strain is
a meaningless whirl wind,more than jus a vain breeze
now pause &think..chill..get a brain freeze...
What's ur plight..where does ur confidence lie...what's ur proof??
Have u bowed to the fact that God's tha Truth...??
The pain youâ??re going thru, none of us can precisely feel it
Thereâ??s a wound that needs healing and none of us will heal it
The storm that youâ??re in, none of us can still it!
The void youâ??re trying to fillâ?¦not even a good relationship can fill it
Sex wonâ??t fill it
Friends wonâ??t fill it
Music, poetry or career won't fill it
Lifestyle, alchohol, philosophy, what not...they won't fill it
Whatever you're tryin to fill it with, you need to kill it
Coz the void youâ??re trying to fillâ?¦ONLY JESUS CAN FILL IT!!
Itâ??s sad to think from where our spirits and minds are fed
So, allow me to ask: why you gonâ?? look for the living among the deadâ?¦?

Dann “Number8” Mwangi
TV Producer, Spoken Word Poet, Song writer, Script Writer.
+254 721 450 009

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  1. X HOODZ ENTERTAINMENT .::Holistic Premier Entertainment Portal::. .::Takin the Gospel to every HOOD::. » Blog Archive » Number 8 Said,

    […] Here To Read Some Of My Pieces Share News, Other posts, […]

    Posted on May 20th, 2010 at 17:48

  2. isaac Said,


    Posted on May 26th, 2010 at 14:20

  3. Monicah Mwaura Said,

    You’ve got mad skill, I could wax lyrical with praises
    It’s a talent and you owe it to God, remember to give him the praises
    Just thought I should compliment a brother, with a few poetic phrases
    Am an amateur poet myself, I’ve not perfected it since i do it mostly for fun, but I’ll get there in phases
    I liked the poem titled “Vain Plight” as it mirrors the hollowness of life
    But thanks to Jesus, in Him we can find fullness in life


    From an amateur poet to a pro: what is your number one advice to anyone interested in taking up poetry as a career, or even writing for that matter? I have been told about practice-anything else? Keep up with the good work, and may God continue to inspire you in disseminating his message. Feel free to drop me some advice on my e-mail address as given.


    Posted on June 21st, 2010 at 15:54

  4. Number8 Said,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback guys…what’s most important for any writer is to have a good relationship with God.
    See, writing is about content more than it is about style and the content comes from your influences because they inform and shape your decisions and all so if you feed yourself with the word of God, you will communicate the word of God, and the same goes for feeding yourself with vanity.
    Nobody should be caught up in trying to be stylish in their writing; not on the primary. If style pulls away content from your material, or deters the effectiveness of communicating the message, then it becomes a liability to you as a carrier of the message.
    Style NEVER changes anybody’s life, it only influences how well they will receive the content…the word of God IS the transformer so if you communicate it, then irrespective of the style, it will be positively impacting on all those who interact with your work. (The word of God does not go back to Him void.)

    Thanks for the encouraging words…much appreciated…

    God bless you…

    Posted on June 22nd, 2010 at 14:12

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