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The Unfolding Prophecy

Posted by root On April - 20 - 2010

The basic question that every human has always wanted to know is,  what will happen tomorrow?  There are a million ways to explain this; those who donâ??t believe in the authority of the bible have myriad conclusions, however  those who believe in the authority of the word can rest assured that God has already revealed the end even before the beginning- this is what we call the prophecy.

The bible is the authentic word of Jehovah God of heaven and has been proven right for thousands of years, actually some events prophesied in the bible are happening right before our eyes, we can trust what God tells us about our today and tomorrow.


This is a book that seeks to remind us that the coming of the lord is near, taken from the book of psalms 42 through 50, the book opens the prophecy to show Godâ??s end time plan for man kind, it seeks to clarify the confusion of our time by shedding the light of Godâ??s prophecy to let us know what is ahead and what we need to do to be ready for the forthcoming events.

with evident confusion of the world ever changing political, financial, moral and religious crisis only God has the escape plan for those who will listen to him, you need to walk in knowledge even as the eminent end approaches. When you see,

Middle East crisis at its height,

Revival of the church,

Appalling wickedness,

Skyrocketing scientific technology,

Dynamic world politics,

These are some of the end time signs. You need to walk in knowledge of the unfolding prophecy.

The DVD materials will be available soon, for more information on the book , the author , his ministry check on this  facebook page -tomorrow today, or write to him through this email address-jtmugwe@yahoo.com or call him +254 723 686 865

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