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End Of The World Prophecies

Posted by root On March - 20 - 2010

11 predictions that “the end” will come during the 2010s (not including 2012)

Christians have predicted several events that many believe are related: the second coming of Jesus, the war of Armageddon, the arrival on earth of the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Rapture, some horrendous natural disaster, etc. Jewish, Islamic, psychic, occult and other predictions have been offered as well.

We have listed over 7 dozen predictions that the end of the world would happen before now. They all have one factor in common: none ever came true. There is every likelihood that most (perhaps all) of these future predictions will not materialize either.

We have been criticized by some of our readers for whipping up hysteria about the end of the world. Our intent is the exact opposite: we want to dampen the level of panic. We hope that by listing many dozens of past predictions — all of which have failed — that people will realize that some very important individuals have been totally wrong when they predicted the end of the world. End of the world predictions have been common throughout Christianity and other religions for almost 2000 years. It is probable that none of the following predictions of the date of the end of the world will come true. We will be very surprised if one of them did.


No guarantees are offered that the prophets listed below actually made these predictions. We have described their alleged predictions as they were reported on the Web, in newspapers, books, etc. We do not have the resources to track down original source material.

>2010+ In early 2005, Roderick C. Meredith, leader of the Living Church of God wrote in his church’s magazine Tomorrow’s World that the end of the world is near. He said that events prophesied in the Bible are “beginning to occur with increasing frequency….We are not talking about decades in the future. We are talking about Bible prophesies that will intensify within the next five to 15 years of your life.” This prophecy, or a local sermon based on it, may have been partly responsible for triggering a mass murder in Brookfield WI on 2005-MAR-12. Church member Terry Ratzmann, who was experiencing serious depression and facing unemployment, shot 11 people, killing 7, and then killed himself at a church service.

>2011-MAY-21 Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, predicts that “we can know from the Bible alone that the date of the rapture of believers will take place on” 2011-MAY-2011.

>2011-SEP-29: Harold Camping, president of Family Radio is reported as predicting that the end of the world will occur sometime during the eight day Feast of Trumpets in 2011. This is an eight day festival each fall in the 5th day of Ethanim, the seventh month. He has completed a book “Time Has an End: A biblical History of the World 11,013 BC â?? 2011 AD,” Vantage Press, (2005). Read reviews or order this book safely from Amazon.com online book store. Alternately, you could wait until after 2011-SEP when the book will probably be a lot cheaper.

>Sometime in 2011: Ric Steiner sent us an Email suggesting that the date of the end is embedded in Luke 21:11 — not in the text, but in the chapter and verse designation. “21” refers to the 21st century; “11” refers to the 11th year. The problem with this prophecy is that the chapter designations in the Bible were only created in the 13th century ; the verses in the Christian Scriptures (a.k.a. New Testament) were only assigned in the 16th century CE.

>2011-OCT-21: Along with his prediction that the rapture will occurr on 2011-MAY-21, Harold Camping also predicted that “God will destroy the world on 2011-OCT-21. This appears to be a slight readjustment from his earlier prediction of 2011-SEP-29. For some reason, God has given humanity a stay of execution for 23 days. The We Can Know website says that “… these dates are 100% accurate and beyond dispute.

>2011-NOV-11: We received an Email from “A.H.” who believes that the end of the world will happen on 11/11/11. His reasoning is that “…this is the only date until the next millennium that has the same number “1” in the date.” Actually, it is the only date until 3011 which is made up of the repetition of pairs of the same digit. We are skeptical. Recall that the Gregorian Calendar is based on the year 1 having being arbitrarily chosen. It occurred four to seven years after Jesus birthday, when nothing much of world impact was happening. With an arbitrary beginning, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to assume that the end of the world would happen at some magical combination of numbers in the Gregorian date, like the first day of the year 2000, or 11.11.11.
>2011-NOV-22: We received an Email from “F” who expects the end of the world on this date. She/he said:

“what the angel told me was the following: ‘Child is at home in 2011 will be the end, for 3 days close in doors and windows? don’t let anyone enter or leave the house, an old order is reborn and with it the pain and suffering.’ Then the angel showed me the bodies of people crowded the cities were burning and the streets deserted grass grew high, we throw people also saw blood in the mouth, as if a virus is up. What I saw in Europe was perhaps France, or in Flanders.”

2012-2019: Damon_051572, who describes himself as “the physical and spiritual Jew,”  distributed an Email widely on 2006-AUG-19. It it titled: “Message from God: Some events of the end of the world.” He of the events that he predicts will happen sometime before 2019 are:

  • 2012-2019: Damon_051572, who describes himself as “the physical and spiritual Jew,”  distributed an Email widely on 2006-AUG-19. It it titled: “Message from God: Some events of the end of the world.” He of the events that he predicts will happen sometime before 2019 are:
  • 144,000 Jewish virgins convert many to Christianity.
  • People will be required to receive a mark on their hand or forehead. Any that accept the mark “will be cast into the lake of fire forever to experience unimaginable suffering forever.
  • Satan and his angels attack God’s kingdom.
  • Nuclear war begins…..


  • According to Sun magazine for 1999-DEC-21, Pope Leo IX (1513-1522) wrote on 1514: “I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence.
  • Isaiah Robertson predicts that Jesus’ second coming will happen in Niagara Falls. He said: “Niagara Falls is a holy place, like Jerusalem. The sound of the water going over the falls is the voice of God.” He expects that the water at the base of the falls will turn into a “lake of fire.” He said that a cross in his home came “straight from God. Itâ??s not manâ??s work. This cross is telling you that the coming of the Lord is at hand. If you walk away from this cross and donâ??t accept Christ, then youâ??re lost forever.


  • An article in Weekly World News describes a find by a Professor Lloyd Cunningdale of Salt Lake City who was excavating with his students at the site of the famous Donner party disaster of 1847. The latter were a group of settlers bound for California who became trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cunningdale and students have found a time capsule left by the settlers which contains many predictions for the future. They predict that nations will abandon traditional methods of conflict and resort to the use of biological warfare. In 2016, one such disease will spread and kill all of the humans on the planet.



  • The “Sword of God Brotherhood” believes that Armageddon will occur in 2017. The Prophet Gabriel has told them this. Only their own members will survive to repopulate the world. All of the others (including you and me) will “perish in hellfire.

>Daniel’s Timeline bases their calculation on the concept of Jubilee years which occur every 50 years. The most recent three Jubilees were:

  • 1867 when the Jews were emancipated in Austria and Hungary.
  • 1917 when the Ottomon rule ended and the Balfour Declaration was created.
  • 1967 when the Six Day War occurred.

They predict that the next and final Jubilee year will be 2017 “the time of the restitution of all things.



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  1. dave Said,

    Real Vision – Trip lee ft Tedashii

    Very nice. Thanks for writing the words for this old codger to follow along with
    your song with

    You obviously got into and stay getting into His word…the only place where anyone finds truth.


    Posted on March 21st, 2010 at 20:15

  2. proof Said,

    Ur welcome Dave, He is the reason why we live.. n thanx for contributin

    Posted on March 22nd, 2010 at 10:40

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