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Posted by root On February - 12 - 2010


Wanna save some money? Forget about those bank saving accounts as this way is not as fun as this one. Saving money is now easier then ever before thanks to a gadget called the bomb bank. This funny gadget will force you to make some savings every day and you will never go bankrupt. It represents a cute small piggy bomb-shaped box designed by TOMY, a Japanese toy maker company. It costs 3.000 yen that is 27 dollars and although it “explodes” may be used again and again. When a lazy user forgets to insert cash into the bank every day, the bank starts vibrating and making noises on an hourly basis. And believe me it will go to the end if you donâ??t add some cents to the bombâ??s account. It will automatically open its skull-marked door and spill all your precious money on the floor. This gadget would be a  for your kids for Christmas as children love to put aside the cash gifts their family members give them. You will see that its threat works just great and you have nothing to do but save. Windows 7

Microsoft’s release of Windows Vista was attacked by analysts as premature, but there has been nothing but praise for the company’s newest operating system. The interface looks similar to Windows Vista, but there are a number of subtle changes which only improve the software’s usability. Gadgets and widgets can now be placed anywhere on the dashboard, with no programs located in the quick-launch bar â?? instead, they are “pinned” to the taskbar. Networking has changed, allowing users with multiple PCs on a network to share files and stream media content with Windows Media Player 12. Thumbnail previews give users the option to interact with programs without actually opening them, while a new library feature allows users to create folders of content containing files strewn across the computer in different locations. Compatibility issues have also been addresses with the addition of “XP Mode”, which allows a programs not supported by  Windows 7 to be opened via a virtualised desktop system. Best of all â?? it’s much, much faster. Alienware Curved Monitor No desktop computer is complete with an impressive LCD monitor. Thanks to Dell, tech-heads now have the ability to deck their kit out with one of the most technologically advanced, and largest, screens available. The curved monitor boasts a massive 2880×900 resolution with a 48-inch diagonal, mimics peripheral vision and has an astounding .02-millisecond response time. The LED illuminated screen uses rear-projection to obtain such a wide display. And while the monitor actually works by stitching together a number of different displays, the integration is seamless. The screen is designed for gaming, but there’s no doubt a number of tech-savvy entrepreneurs wouldn’t mind having this $US6,000 toy to spruce up their office. Nickon S1000PJ Virtually all handsets come with mobile cameras in today’s market, but it’s widely accepted a stand-alone device will generally deliver a better result than a lens used within a phone’s framework. The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ is one of the hottest of its kind. The camera itself delivers 12.1-megapixel quality images, with a 2.7-inch viewing monitor, while the Nikon image processing technology renders these images within the camera itself. It also comes in a silver or black casing, along with a 5x zoom lens. A new type of automode allows the camera to automatically choose the best setting based on the contents of a photograph, while five extra functions reduce blur and the effect of shaking. But the camera’s draw card is its projection technology. The S1000PJ gives customers the ability to instantly share photos and videos by including a one-touch projection technology. Users simply point the camera towards a flat surface, and photos and images can then be shown on a screen up to 40 inches long â?? a feature sure to impress tech-heads. An Australian tech company is even on the forefront of this technology. Digislide, which was recently floated on the ASX, has even struck a deal with two mobile manufacturers to include it in future devices.

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  1. waaaah Said,

    waaah this is a crazy one n why shud people browse in privacy????

    Posted on March 5th, 2010 at 13:57

  2. proof Said,

    jst avoiding environmental distractions….watch out for more CRAZY GADGETS!

    Posted on March 5th, 2010 at 18:22

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