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Posted by root On May - 13 - 2010

Just a month ago or so, a gospel artiste (a well known for that matter) was being interviewed on a national television, on a show that most Kenyan youths watch or connect to. He was asked on the revolutionary on the gospel music industry, his answer â??gospel nowadays has swagger that even the secular cant topâ? that got me mad, asking myself how can a minister not even mention or drop some memory verses but confident to say our swagger cant even be topped by the world? We are in the age where the word has got a highway in our mouths, like a freeway at night. But really what are we confessing to ourselves? With so many songs with the word, we have accepted it as if itâ??s a good word, or you may. If I remember well the word wasnâ??t in use that much until jay-z, T.I and there pals dropped the joint â??swagger like usâ? this was followed by gospel ministers using this word on their joints, even others naming their joints the name. Milliyon, a HHH (Holy Hip Hop) artiste singed to CAJOint, dropped â??swagingâ?. first of all the whole joint lived to the name, its all about swagger with the lyrics going like â??from the way I walk/to the way I talk/ homey am just swagingâ?¦â? the video is shot inside limos, in conferences, hummer tracks n whatever u imagine to see in secular videos. Buddycrunk, another HHH artiste singed to CAJOint, drooped â??swag n poseâ? with the lyrics like â??now swag/now poseâ?, Mouthpi3ce dropped â??blame it on my swagâ? just to mention a few international artistes. The syndrome spread fast to our local ministries with Holydave jamming the line â??na bounce na swaggerâ?¦â? a well known producer when asked what new thing he is doing to the market answered â??am giving Kenyan gospel swagâ? these are just few instance I can remember on â??swagâ?
On the flip side few gospel artistes sing against swag, with guys like KJ-52 on â??swaged out tugs outâ? featuring Da T.R.U.T.H, and the remix with Victory. Pro with, â??Murder swagâ? just to mention a few. But really what is swag? As per the Oxford pocket dictionary  swagger as verbs is, â??walk or behave arrogantlyâ?. Well swag is pride, In Jer 13:15 the Bible says â??Hear and give ear; do not be proud; for Jehovah has spokenâ? so are we going against what Jehovah has spoken? Look at king Nebuchadnezzar, he was sent from men as a result of his pride (read Daniel) the Lord with always deal with the proud, but still on the king, he was returned to the throne after he was humbled, this also applies to us, humble yourself and the Lord will restore you to your position. In order for us to make disciples (as the great commission commands us) we need to kill pride in us, we cant reach out to people while showing we are better than them, even Christ himself lowered himself to our level, but still remained relevant to the word. Christ came in a manger, not in a five star hospital (heheheheh if it exists) Christ rode on a donkey, not on a escalade, why are we busy showing how blinging we are getting by the days? Why are our gospel ministers busy trying to show they are better than others? Pride will kill us, we need to be humble, this is accepting that we are not the best, and there is someone way good. Humility brings grace, believing on someone to have favour on us, which we donâ??t even qualify to have, grace demands faith, this is believing someone will do something great in our situations, situations that may look impossible, that we may even look like fools, yeah ad rather be a fool for Christ, whuz fool are you? You canâ??t have grace when u believe in yourself, you canâ??t have faith if grace is an alien word or experience in you. We got to murder swag. So looking the definition of â??swaggerâ? are our artistes using the word in a different way? Or are they using it as the arrogant meaning? And do u think you are being proud when you say u have swagger? We need some self examination. Thanks family. PEACE
*am not against anyone, am just against pride, hiding in swag

<Story Courtesy Of Juma Johnson;an x-hoodz correspondent>

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