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Lions & Liars Album review

Posted by root On May - 20 - 2010

when Amisho Baraka debuted with “Turn my life up” in 2007, i loved it, the “Higher love” video made me relize there was more to come from Sho. 3 years passed, and Sho comes back with his second album “Lions & Liars”.  The album cover bringing attention from both appreciativing and criticizing camps, bringing out a theme of tag of war bettwen those who serve and stand with the lord “Lions” and the MANY “Liars” who sell you deception, or live as if Christ never rose (mark the MANY)

The first track is the “Extinction Intro” Sho comes hitting hard, calling out the “Lions” have you died and compromised your intelligence to Christ? do some self examination. Sho move on to the “Lion’s Anthem” which bigups those out there repping Christ  in their variuos areas, listing different types of people with their different ways of reachingout to those caught up in the commotions of the world, it also sets Sho apart when it comes to word play (this puts the “wow” thing on your face). He then featured Erica Cumbo on “Famous” which comes out as a less rugged but smooth Hip Hop, compared to the way Hip Hop has always been viewed. followed by a rock-fused “Shut us down” featuring fellow 116 clique Lecrae and a rock band After Edmund, all i can say is “this joint is destined for generations” (words really fail me) with After Edmund with the vocals and band addition to the track? its definately “a big tune” it expressed and addressed the debate that is going on right now about some individuals and churches branding them (reach camp) as elitists, my view, u cant get married to everyone, can u? Maybe it would just mean that they wanted no confusion when they share their theology, and yeaah, they cant shut them down, they may continue calling them “too religious”. if you are looking for a gentleman’s music that is theological, try the next joint “We can be more” with J.R adding some spice making it music for all classy ladies. This is however not the first love song by Sho, on his first album you will  find “Love of my life”

track 6 comes “Mercy on me” featuring Chinua Hawk, then a word from Tom Ason “Am black”. Pro jumps on the album when featured on “My Life” where Sho talks about his past decisions and the identity crisis he dealt with. “Me, Myself and i” paints the struggle between striving to live like Chrsit versus living for self, i can say  its a “Liars anthem” and “Lions anthem” done in one joint. we already talked about “Lions anthem” its time for “Liars anthem” just like “Lions anthem” this joint hits hard, Sho refferences liars in the  world and in the church, who say they believe in Christ but they live like ethiest, those who do things that the Lord hates and when asked give excuses like “its just entertainment”, those who talk about ministry yet dont minister (they just talk and talk). Propaganda drops a poetic interlude “Boys!!!”, Sho then give props to men who act like men responsibilty wise featuring fellow 116 clique mate Triplee in “Revolutionary Died” the name says it all, i got nothing to add on, revolutionary died.

“Oh well” also checks in as a rock-fused joint. Triplee and Erica Cumbo come back to be featured in the 14th joint in the album “The Rising” Trip giving the joint a southern flow while Erica  supplying a clean raspy vocals. Tedashi isnt left out, Sho features him, R-Swift, Benjah and Honey LaRochelle in “I.T.W.N.O.I.”, another wow factor joint, it balances gritty rappers and singers. “Half of me” features McKendree Augustas and Muche, leaving us with the last main joint of the album “4ever is 2morrow” featuring JAMM.

The albums featured heavy banging guest artistes (some i knew some i never heard of), so those saying reach doesnt interact with others, think twice and stop branding them as having pride. the beats of the album are banging straight, while maintaining the ministry aspect, Sho proves Hip Hop aint just for the teens, must not be rugged, it aint about being a player. it can be listened by the mature and also it can be smooth and can be used by gentlemen (not players). Sho challenges us not to live like mediocre guys, living on the sidelines, but to be LIONS, it takes the listeners on a journey filled with hope, despair, victory… Am flabergasted… yeeeaaah FLABERGASTED, this album is straight fire right out of the gate. Sho has given us a 17 track album with 4 bonus tracks, be sure to check it out, to be blessed ant to bless others.

Track Listing:
1. Extinction Intro
2. Lion’s Anthem
3. Famous ft. Erica Cumbo
4. Shut Us Down ft. Lecrae, After Edmund
5. We Can Be More ft. J.R.
6. Mercy On Me ft. Chinua Hawk
7. I’m Black (A word from Tom Ason)
8. My Life (Nice Aim) ft. Pro
9. Me, Myself and I
10. Liar’s Anthem
11. BOYS!!! (A word from Propaganda)
12. Revolutionary Died ft. Trip Lee
13. Oh Well
14. The Rising ft. Trip Lee, Erica Cumbo
15. I.T.W.N.O.I. ft. Tedashii, R-Swift, Benjah, Honey LaRochelle
16. Half of Me ft. McKendree Augustas, Muche
17. 4ever Is 2morrow ft. JAMM

18. Word
19. Kobe Bryant On ‘Em ft. K-Drama
20. Feel So Alone ft. BenJah, Miss LuLu, Conviction
21. I See The Lord (Remix) ft. Quiana Fields

Story Courtesy Of Johnson Juma

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