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Music and Dj academy

Posted by Dj priesty On February - 14 - 2015

Beginner DJ Course (4 WKS)
Whether you’re taking your first steps as a DJ or are a professional looking to further your skills, this intensive course is designed to provide long-lasting results in a short time. The sessions are mostly practical mixing & basic theory. Particular attention is given to those critical elements that make the difference between just mixing and being a great DJ: the importance of the play list, the role of the DJ, the relationship with audience, career opportunities and more.
Our courses:-
1. Basic DJ
2. Advance DJ – Digital DJ
1. Basic DJ Course: –
This is the ideal course for a beginner who wants to explore his / her creativity in this field.
• Equipment
• CD’s
• Basic music theory
• Mixing Tools
• Monitoring
• Mixing & Blending music
• Dj decisions
• Business
• Mp3’s
This course is designed to leave graduates with all the foundation, technical, physical and musical skills necessary to become competent DJs.
1. Safety – The importance of a clean and efficient working area, tidy, organized cabling and common safety procedures.
2. Equipment & Setup – What compents are needed in a basic DJ setup. Understanding the turntable and mixer and its various components.
3. Track Structure – Introduction to beats, bars and phrases. How dance music is structured and the different sound elements. Track structures and the affect on the mix.
4. Headphone Handling – Cueing up with headphones. Split cueing and setting the correct volumes. Headphone referencing.
5. Beat Matching & Mixing – Phrase and drop mixing including cutting. The use of EQs. Line level mixing. Cross fader and mixer functions.
6. Set Construction – Picking appropriate music for a venue or audience. Artistry and how to best represent your chosen sound.
7. Mixing Assessment / Performance

Advance DJ– Digital DJ (4WKS)
Course Overview
• Learn to DJ from digital mp3s using software like Rane Serato, Torq (Industry Standard).
• Tips & tricks with using your laptop & CD decs. (A blend between Hardware & Software.)
• Make crates & play lists in Serato.
• Make Sets for your gig / show.
• Song library management.
• Using various samples & effects in Serato.
This course covers all the essential scratch techniques needed to take your skills and performance to the next level.
1. History – Basic hiistory of scratching and hiphop elements.
2. Equipment Introduction & Setup – Quick rundown on the equipment and best ways for setting up for scratching.
3. Basic Scratch Techniques – Chirp, transformer, up fade, stabs and baby scratching.
4. Cross Fader Training – Basic fader techniques and scratching over beats.
5. Mixing – Basic hiphop beat mixing and beat juggling.
6. (Advanced Scratch Techniques – Learn flare, orbit, crab and drumming scratch techniques.) STUDENTS LEARN ON THEIR OWN

Music Production Course
(12 Weeks)
The Reason Music Production course provides students with a basic understanding of production techniques and their implementation within the Propeller head software environment. Our course is specifically tailored. This course will have you making music today!
1. Basics of Recording software’s, what they can do & working with their file types & sound libraries.
2. Basics of MIDI.
3. Basics of synthesis and creating/using sounds.
4. Basic recording/sampling & sample editing.
5. Basic samplers & advanced samplers & working with zones/layers.
6. Working with loops & drum machines.
7. Sequencers: How they work and creating individual parts.
8. Sequencing: Utilizing parts and structuring a composition.
9. Mixers: Introduction and routing/signal flow. Levels, panning & automation.
10. Mixing: EQ & Compression.
11. Mixing: Reverbs, delays & time based FX. (Chorus/Phasers/Flangers)
12. Mastering: The final stage.

Joyce Omondi ft. Rigga – NIFICHE

Posted by Dj priesty On January - 30 - 2015

Nifiche is the 4th single from Joyce Omondi’s debut album, Conquerer.

Nifiche is based on the Word of God in John 15:5, “… apart from me you can do nothing” and recognizes that life is meaningful and worthwhile in Christ alone.

Saint Stevoh – OH MY (EpisodeIII)

Posted by Dj priesty On September - 25 - 2014

Saint Stevoh – OH MY (EpisodeIII)

OH MY Video  paints a picture of a modern story of Jesus..He came from Heaven to earth to save the lost & restore us to give us eternal life..I introduce this guy who has a happy family & also works on the secret service whose mission is to gang down drug dealers..But Unfortunately He Dies..just like JESUS..But Glory to God Jesus is alive & he life in us..and HE will never live us nor forsake us –

Mr. Googz – Redemption

Posted by Dj priesty On July - 18 - 2014

Mr. Googz – Redemption (Official Video)”>Mr. Googz – Redemption (Official Video)

Redemption is a story of how the old secular Mr.Googz got converted, this is vividly articulated in my first three lines of the 1st verse- ”The day dat i made that confession- i saw di light  am a different creation- my life took a different turn an His life in mi life is a divine connection” – the song is a an introduction of the NEW me, every word in it is a reality in my life and a firm conviction.

Meet Pro Beatz (Samzido)

Posted by Dj priesty On June - 25 - 2014

Xhoodz studio PRODUCER

Samuel kang’ethe AKA PRO BEATZ (Samzido) is a  renowned producer based in Thika under x-hoodz studios. His love for music began way back as he was initially a dancer with the group ‘blessed nation’ but he got into serious music production back in 2008. He’s a cross genre(hiphop, pop, kapuka, ragga, reggae,afrosoul etc) producer, arranger, mastering genius and he draws inspiration from practically anything with a sound that he can experiment with in his lab.
He plans to take music in Kenya to the next level and he believes there’s space for Kenyan content in the international market. He has worked with some top artists and recorded in top studios and he believes passion, hard work, motivation and mental grit take you as far but God takes you furthest.
He can be reached at:
Tel. No.  +254711198108

Nue Nendete Reloaded Aning’ning’ Dance-Mbuvi

Posted by Dj priesty On June - 25 - 2014

Contemporary Urban gospel music, Mbuvi performing the song i. Nue Nendete Reloaded (Aning’ning’ Dance)

Kanjii Mbugua feat. Enid Moraa – Mfalme Mkuu

Posted by Dj priesty On May - 14 - 2014

#MfalmeMkuu is about recognizing the but God moments in your life. The situations that If it wasn’t for God you would be in a different place all  together. When you recognize these moments it leads you to just raise your hands and declare God is Kanjii Mbugua ft Enid Moraa




Posted by Dj priesty On February - 28 - 2014

– LIVE LIFE LOUD- (Urban Gospel Festival)

A youth/young adult gathering featuring Gospel Hiphop legend & 116 Clique Co-founder (SHO BARAKA), U.K/ Nigerian Christian rapper & Lampmode’s 1st International signee (S.O the KID), South Africa’s Urban Revivalist & Youth Cultural Shaper (GREGORY CASSIM) along with Kenya’s FINEST Gospel Music performers/ministers,bands, poets & dancers.

There will also be  LIVE Dj mixes, Urban Worship (Praise), Inter-Church /college sports competition, B-boy/ Break-dance showcase, Rap cypher, Snacks/barbeque

Artists’ Creative Workshop 10am – 1pm
Madlove Lounge 1pm – 6pm
#LiveLifeLoudKE 6pm – 9pm

Advanced Tickets go for KSH. 200
Gate Charges are KSH. 300

Top-notch SECURITY…Within compound & its environs, from the main road to the gate of Nairobi Chapel in the evening.

Follow me as I follow Christ! #LiveLifeLoudKE

Head 2 Head Dance Battle

Platinum Dance group were the overall Head 2 Head dance batlle in Kenya in the year 2015, December 18th

Head 2 Head African theme Platinum Dancers

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Eko Dydda – Nina One

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Cliche – All About You

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Calling – Mr Googz & Christo Fabulous

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