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Posted by Dj priesty On February - 28 - 2014

– LIVE LIFE LOUD- (Urban Gospel Festival)

A youth/young adult gathering featuring Gospel Hiphop legend & 116 Clique Co-founder (SHO BARAKA), U.K/ Nigerian Christian rapper & Lampmode’s 1st International signee (S.O the KID), South Africa’s Urban Revivalist & Youth Cultural Shaper (GREGORY CASSIM) along with Kenya’s FINEST Gospel Music performers/ministers,bands, poets & dancers.

There will also be  LIVE Dj mixes, Urban Worship (Praise), Inter-Church /college sports competition, B-boy/ Break-dance showcase, Rap cypher, Snacks/barbeque

Artists’ Creative Workshop 10am – 1pm
Madlove Lounge 1pm – 6pm
#LiveLifeLoudKE 6pm – 9pm

Advanced Tickets go for KSH. 200
Gate Charges are KSH. 300

Top-notch SECURITY…Within compound & its environs, from the main road to the gate of Nairobi Chapel in the evening.

Follow me as I follow Christ! #LiveLifeLoudKE

2014 Dj Academy intake

Posted by Dj priesty On August - 4 - 2013

2014 intake is in progress  The academy promises internship for the best three students and one month of engagement and practice for willing student after the  course work.

The course duration is 8 weeks and the fee is 35,000kshs.

Registration Fee is 1000kshs.


Enroll Now for the Dj academy, contact 0720104163

Willy Paul Lala Salama

Posted by Dj priesty On August - 2 - 2013

Willy Paul Lala Salama

A dedication to his late dad, PAUL RADIDO. rest in peace wish you were here to  see how far i have gone, wish you were here niku surprise na suti yenye ulikosa. love you papa

Willy Paul Lala Salama Official Music Video


Saint Stevo the Artist

Posted by Dj priesty On July - 12 - 2013

NAME: Stephen Malogho

Saint Stevoh was born and raised in Mombasa,Kenya. I come from
a Christian background since my father is a bishop and I used to be
a drummer at my local church. I describe my music as a seed which
has grown in several stages.I professionally began my music career
in 2010 after I recorded my first professional studio single Truth be Told
and Yes I can which I later did a remix with MC Dice and Othole of
NYNP.Yes I can is a confession song from the book of Philipians 4:13.
This song launched my music in the mainstream media and I got a
chance to perform at popular events such as Make it or Make it and
Groove Tour.I recently launched my single titled “JOY” which I featured
Pst. Samukat and is receiving massive airplay both locally and abroad
e.g Uganda,S.A and  congo.along with also receiving positive reviews.
This has given me an Opportunity to do tours along with his father Bishop
Chrispus Mwashumbe and Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho.I am also
involved in organizing an annual event with Kenya’s top dance crew
FGT krew called THREESIXOH.

I believe that a river cuts through rocks not because of its power but its
persistence and ref.Daniel 2.21 says he changes times n seasons he raises kings n disposes of others.Sometimes the journey seems tough
but I thank God for the support of my family,System Unit,Dj Mo,Alemba,
HeyZ and Dj Priesty who have always stood by me since I began doing
music.My vision is to encourage,Impact,transform and help my fellow
young people in this generation and generations to come.

Yes I Can (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – Saint Stevo ft Othole & MC Dice

Joy (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – Saint Stevoh ft Pst Samukat


Posted by Dj priesty On June - 15 - 2013


In his early child hood, Like other kids in Makongeni, phase 8, a settlement in Kenya, Samson Mchalongo also known as Mr. Sam went through the usual ghetto hardships which sometimes included hunger, skin diseases, physical abuse, and missing out on child hood education. Mr. Sam sought solace from music when the going got to be tough.
Mr sam and his friends would go to an open-air market place and start dancing to music that always played in languages they couldn’t understand but they enjoyed it anyway. He said in a resent interview, “We then realized that people were paying an unusual attention towards our passionate dance and eventually, they started tossing coins on the ground for us to continue. They loved our dance but I loved the music.”
At the age of seven, even without a slight Idea of what church or worship is, Mr. Sam had joined a local church choir, which accepted him not for his musical talent but his passion towards music. A lot about God was planted in Mr. Sam at this time. By the time Mr. Sam was fifteen, he begun to sneak out to local clubs using fake IDs and unregistered vehicles. Tupac Amaru Shaku, Buster Rhymes, Aaliyah, and Mc. Light were his idols. Mr. Sam found himself in Club rap competitions and eventually in a high school music group called Xhale which did all sought of music just for fun.
After high school, Mr. Sam became more attracted towards living a better and positive life and inspiring others through music. It is after moving to North Carolina, in the United  States, that Mr. Sam found peace in Christ and decided to live and work for Him. Two or so years after accepting Christ, Mr. Sam woke up one morning and realized that he had a heavy burden that was a mixture of pain, love, anger, music, stories, and talents that had to be let out!
“My eyes opened and my fears left. God started transforming all my mess to a message. My friends and I decided to form a dance group called ‘The Musters’, meaning, ‘a gathering of young men with an agenda to fight for salvation.’” Mr. Sam spoke. The group started meeting for bible studies and hosting events like the REFILL and the GX. Eventually, they started singing and establishing their own music studio, Jikoni Productions that produced some of Mr. Sam’s albums including, Mwana Mpotevu, After The Rain, and Shine Your Light.
Mr. Sam is currently in North Carolina working on his fourth Album and his first Book and both share the same name ‘Metamorphosis’. The album and book does not speak of growth and change but demonstrates it. Readers and listeners will not see Mr. Sam as a butterfly unless they are aware of his past. The book explains that God can live in you and therefore your metamorphosis can only begin to take place from within you once you accept God in your life. If you don’t find Mr. Sam on stage, you will find him busy working for Refill to empower and help transform young minds.



Mr Sam ft Kiki – Mwana Mpotevu

Sex and the Church

Posted by Dj priesty On March - 17 - 2013


Humans are made for relationship. Just as God is inherently relational, we are created in His image and likeness to live in community with Him and others. Both male and female are essential to God’s earthly plan, for at creation He said it was “not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Our God-given purpose is tied to our unique biological sex.
At a human level, the unity and diversity between the sexes find their deepest expression in marriage, which is intended to model the same sort of holy, exclusive, permanent and life-giving intimacy that will one day characterize the union of Christ with His bride
Sex was created by God and given to human beings as a gift, and through that we could extend the work of procreation and filling the earth. The only thing is that he set a rule that many of us are ignorant of or hate to hear; that it is meant for two people male and female, husband and wife and he modelled that by creating Adam and eve not Adam and Steve or Eve and Jane.
Sex is the way also through which a man is joined to a woman in an intimate way just as God wants us to be joined to him in an intimate way.
There are false notions about sexuality perpetuated by our culture (i.e., that extra-marital sexual activity is “good” and “normal,” etc.). As Christians, we believe in Christ’s lordship over all of life, including our bodies and sexual expression. Our responsibility is to learn about God’s plan for the two sexes, and then, rather than merely avoiding immorality, live out our sexuality in ways that honour both God and our fellow human beings. Whether married or single, biblically appropriate sexual expression requires discipline and a commitment to pursuing a life of virtue. Sex is a gift from God, but not a gift to do with as we please. We must exercise biblical stewardship over the gift of our sexuality.
God has given us sex as a gift for three main reasons though there are many other but i seek to mention three:
Procreation (Genesis 1:28; Malachi 2:15): It is God’s good plan, hence normative, for husband and wife to bear children. He has commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. Scripture declares that children are a blessing from His hand. By design, sex, conception and childbirth are intrinsically linked.
Union (Genesis 2:18; Matthew 19:4-6): It is God’s good plan for sex to unite and bond spouses in a unique and sacred way. Scripture tells us that the one-flesh union between husband and wife in marriage symbolizes Jesus’ unity with His bride, the Church.
Mutual delight (Song of Solomon 5:16; Proverbs 5:18-19): It is God’s good plan that sex be generously shared between spouses for their mutual benefit. Husbands and wives must not let their sexual relationship be informed or guided by worldly standards, but by Scripture—always seeking the good of the other and being united in faithfulness to one another. Sex must never be used to oppress, take advantage of or wrong another person. It is meant to be enjoyed by both husband and wife.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO ABUSE SEX and this happens when it is done by the wrong people, at the wrong timing and mostly for the wrong reasons. When sex is abused it is a sin and a detestable sin for that matter, it has serious repercussions or impact on a Christian life and even in general life spirituality aside.
Human beings have flesh and a spirit, and sex is both a physical and spiritual thing, the flesh takes the biggest part in it as it starts from thinking about it, desiring it, emotions then are invoked and the body responds accordingly but when it starts to happen now there is more than physical attachment but as well the spirits are joined in something we call A SPIRITUAL TIE.
So if your spirit is joined to someone when you have intercourse, you end up having a very confused kind of a spirit as it is contaminated by all the people you go to bed with.
I will continue from there tomorrow as we talk about
Often our current relationships or marriage suffer, because we are still caught up in our past both emotionally and spiritually. By spiritually I mean unhealthy sexual soul ties. Sexual soul ties often have us caught in a cycle of dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships.
Well, it’s time to shed more light on this common issue.
So what is a soul tie? A soul tie is two souls tied together by the spirit. Mainly caused by sex or sexual abuse.

What does the Bible say about soul ties?
The Bible does not directly use the term “soul tie”, but it does say the following in Ephesians 5:31,” For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.” Here we learn that the connecting of souls was created for husband and wife. OK, now let’s look at the Old Testament. In Genesis 2:24, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.” Guess what? Jesus repeats the scripture over again in Mark 10:7, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.”

This leads to my next point. In the eyes of God “the act of sex is marriage through consummation.” Every single time an unmarried person has sex they become married to that person. For example if someone has had twenty-five sex partners, they have probably been exposed to hundreds of other souls. If the other person had more than one partner, then you are also exposed to all their partners as well. In simple terms, you have sex with everyone they have had sex with. So as one can easily see this makes having a truly loving, intimate, and close union very difficult.

In Biblical times there was no wedding in the way it is viewed today, so becoming one flesh was marriage. Even today if a couple seeks a divorce in some states the judge will ask “Has this marriage been consummated?” Consummation means in legal terms to complete a marriage by sexual intercourse.

What other ways can soul ties form?
Soul ties are mainly formed through sexual intercourse, but they can also form emotionally. Please understand sex outside of marriage rips and tears the soul when one tries to break away. Remember you are joined as one, so when you break away it hurts you. What is left are the emotional scars. In my own life I have seen words even become a source of a soul tie. When people say, “I will love you forever” or “I got your back no matter what” you tend to hold on to those words when you have a soul tie because a co-dependency has been created.

Sexual abuse is another way soul ties can be formed. When someone has been sexually abused as a child and becomes an adult the soul tie can greatly affect their relationship. In my next blog I will explore how to break sexual soul ties.

Unhealthy relationships are another cause of soul ties. We can define these relationships as physically or emotionally abusive, manipulative, victim mentality and high levels of sexual lust. I personally believe soul ties are one of the main reasons women or men have a difficult time leaving emotional and abusive relationships. Join me next week as I discuss tips to overcome soul ties.


Posted by Dj priesty On January - 30 - 2013

Cancer is a strange development in the human body which eats away the body slowly from inside. The very word cancer strikes terror into the hearts of almost everyone and many won’t even talk about it. This is so deadly a disease that people would rather not utter its name. But cancer could be a part of our life or our loved ones if steps are not taken to prevent it.

Cancer is a disease that occurs in all human and animal populations. Cancer consists of tissues having potentially dividing cells. This division is not the normal part of metabolism process but the cells grow uncontrollably and abnormally. These cells do not carry out the specific body tasks which they do normally but instead simply function as cancer cells. These cells merely divide and multiply and in turn transmit these characteristics to their cellular offspring. As the cancer grows, the host animal suffers adverse effects caused by invasive growth in the original tumor site or by metastatic spread to other sites in the body. The cancer cells break away from original tumor site, enter into the bloodstream and settle down to grow with normal tissues in other non adjacent parts – this is known as metastatic spread of cancer.

Cancer is derived from the Greek word karkinos, which means “crab.”. It was because physicians noted that the extensive collection of veins surrounding breast tumors look like the claws of a crab.

Cancer is slated to become the leading cause of death by the year 2020 surpassing cardiac disease. Currently, one in three humans have a chance of developing cancer and a one in six chance of dying of it. The disease reaches into three of every four families. Most people know of someone in their families, relatives or friends who have had cancer.

Let us talk about cancer openly and not shove the issue under the rug. The dirt goes no where when shoved under the rug it goes out only when swept out the home. If we don’t think about cancer, talk about its causes, and address them, then unfortunately a large number of us, our loved ones, friends, spouses and children-will be at risk of falling prey to it. There is strong proof to show that extensive lifestyle changes in the form of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction can radically cut this cancer epidemic.
Some causes of Cancer
1. Smoking
The use of tobacco is what causes cancer in the lungs to start. Tobacco includes cigarettes, cigars and even smokeless tobacco. Tobacco is a well-known, leading and proven carcinogen.
If you don’t smoke, you might think you have absolute protection against tobacco causes. But if you live in an environment of second-hand smoking, the smoke you are exposed to is even worse.

2. Too Much Drinking

Excessive drinking causes tumors in the liver. Studies report that alcohol is both a carcinogen and a co-carcinogen to tobacco.
It also plays a role on what causes prostate cancer.

3. Unhealthy Eating Habits or Unhealthy Foods
Are you aware that your unhealthy eating habits can lead to choosing unhealthy foods over healthy foods?

Are you guilty of unhealthy eating habits? If you are, are you aware that they can also be symptoms of eating disorders? They greatly affect your food choices. They can even be leading causes of colon cancer, other types and diseases as well.
Look inside your refrigerator or your pantry. Do you see unhealthy foods that cause cancer? More often than not, unhealthy foods are bought or are eaten because of unsound eating habits.
symptoms of unhealthy eating include . . .
1. Skipping meals
This is an eating habit many busy people are guilty of. Skipping meals, particularly breakfast, messes up your metabolism and blood sugar levels.
Your metabolic rate may decrease as much as 10-15% and your blood sugar level dips.
Why is this a no-no? Because when your blood sugar is way too low, you will crave for a quick fix which may be a bar of chocolate, a bag of chips, or a burger. Such types of food are unhealthy. Children who learn this habit early in life grow up to be obese because they will prefer energy-dense foods.

? 2. Binging
This unhealthy eating habit is an effect of skipping a meal. Skipping a meal makes you really hungry, so when you do go to eat your next meal, you’ll probably end up overeating and even, eating anything.
If you skip meals, you also tend to snack more on fatty snack foods like chips, pizza or cookies.
? 3. Starving
Some people think starving themselves is an effective way to lose weight. What they are not aware of is it simply doesn’t work that way.
When you starve yourself, your body holds on to fat and burns your lean muscle for energy instead, and so, the fat stays. What is worse is it is just like when you skip a meal, starving makes you hungrier and more prone to overeating.

4. Eating right before bedtime
If you eat fatty foods before going to bed, the fats you just ate will slow down the emptying of your stomach and if you eat this way all the time, it may lead to chronic indigestion.
A diet that has red meat as a major part is what causes colon cancer to start.

5. Eating more of fast foods or ready-to-eat foods
Examples of ready-to-eat foods are canned or processed. Fast foods are laden with saturated fats while those which are canned or processed are filled with nitrites and sodium.
When you eat more of these kind of food frequently then you are assured of an unhealthy body. These are foods that are leading causes of colon cancer.
Choosing unhealthy foods over healthy ones is always a result of unhealthy eating. It may lead to being overweight or obesity.
There are many diseases associated with obesity such as heart diseases and even cancer.
Unhealthy foods such as french fries are usually cancer causing foods.
The link between diet and cancer may not be as clear-cut as the link between tobacco and cancer. But no less than the World Cancer Research Fund International believes that “prevention and control of cancer are possible by means of healthy food and nutrition, physical activity and weight management”.
Weight management is impossible with unhealthy eating habits.
These unhealthy foods may be foods that cause cancer.
List of Foods that Cause Cancer

• Red or processed meat
Red meat is either beef, lamb or pork. When it becomes processed meat – ham, bacon, sausage and salami – it is definitely an unhealthy food.
Red meat contains high level of saturated fats. They cause cancer because they increase your risk for the colorectum, stomach, liver and esophagus types.
High consumption of red meat alone is already a major cause of tumors in your colon. If it’s a major part of your meals, then your risk is increased by 25%.

• Saturated fats
Saturated fats are naturally found in many foods. Examples of cancer causing foods high on saturated fats are:
• poultry skin,
• dairy products like cheese, butter and other dairy products made from whole milk, and
• cooking oils such as palm oil, vegetable oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil also contain saturated fats. Always choose quality olive oil because it contains a high level of oleic acid, which is found to prevent breast tumors.
Saturated fats are contributing factor to obesity which plays a major role in the development of breast cancer.
High-fat diets may also lead to pancreatic cancer.

• Dairy and egg products that are not organic
Dairy products which come from livestock fed with corn, soy and wheat and eggs from hens also fed with corn and soy beans contain high levels of Omega 6 fats and zero Omega 3s.
Omega 6 fats can trigger inflammation and so, eating too much of these foods causes cancer. Organic foods are free from harmful residues of pesticides and hormones.

• Sugary drinks and food
Beware when you consume too much sugar because your body produces too much insulin. Cancer thrives and grows faster with high level of insulin.
Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German biologist, discovered that the “metabolism of malignant tumors largely depends on sugar consumption”.
Sugar is definitely not a part of a healthy eating plan. It triggers inflammation and cancer cells need inflammation to keep up their growth.
Too much sugar also weakens and disables the disease prevention ability of your immune system.

• Energy-dense foods
Energy-dense foods that cause cancer are high in fats, added sugar and low in fiber. Examples are fast foods like burgers, fried chicken or pizzas and snack foods such as chips and biscuits.
They are also acidic foods that heighten inflammation in the area where there are already cancer cells. If you consume these cancer causing foods frequently and in large portions, you have a greater risk for both obesity and cancer.
Not all foods are equal.
There are healthy foods or alkaline foods which do your body good and there are unhealthy foods that do your body harm.
It is a matter of choice. Often, you choose unhealthy or acidic foods because of unhealthy eating habits you may not be aware of.
Also, when you are under so much stress, you tend to eat more of these cancer causing foods. Bear in mind that prevention of almost a third of cancer cases in the world is possible because they are results of lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity and frequent consumption of unhealthy foods.
Prevention is easier when you choose healthy foods.

4. Obesity or Being Overweight
Lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits are one of the causes of obesity or being overweight. It may increase your risk for certain types of tumor.

5. Toxic Stress
What causes cancer? Is stress one of the risks? Until today, many experts are not certain of the role of stress in increasing your risk and in the prevention of many types of diseases.
Still, scientists acknowledge that stress can greatly affect your body.

6. Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation

UV radiation comes either from the sun, tanning booths or beds, or sunlamps. It is proven to be what causes skin cancer.
And the bad news is UV radiation doesn’t only harm your skin; it also leads to other malignant tumors.

7. Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
What is ionizing radiation? It is emitted by radioactive fallout, x-rays, radon gas and even radiation therapy used in treating tumor. It is a fact that ionizing radiation leads to cancer and the most common type associated with it is lung cancer.

8. Occupational Hazards
Occupational hazards include cancer-causing agents or chemicals that are found in certain work places. One example is asbestos, which is proven to be what causes lung cancer.

9. Cancer Causing Viruses and Bacteria
It is proven that malignant tumors are not contagious. But many types of cancer are results of some viruses and bacteria. One of the examples of cancer causing viruses is the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. It causes tumors in the cervix when left untreated.

These environmental factors and lifestyle habits are what cause tumors. They can be prevented. Any unhealthy choice you make creates damaging changes in your genes known as somatic mutations or acquired mutations.
Taking the time to understand what causes cancer will help you make an informed decision. Learn the steps on prevention. You and your family deserve nothing less than a quality life lived in freedom from the disease.

Healthy Eating Plans and Guidelines to Follow for Cancer Prevention

Healthy eating plans include different guidelines such as anti-cancer, vegetarian, raw vegan, Mediterranean diets. If you scrutinize each one of these healthy eating guidelines, you will notice they have something in common — healthy fruits and vegetables. They are essential part of all cancer prevention diets.
A healthy eating guide benefits you in a lot of ways. Every medical expert in the world today agrees that a healthy lifestyle – which includes nutritious diets or eating plans – is the key to prevention of major diseases like cancer.
“If parents set a precedent of serving healthy foods at family meals while their kids are young, the children are more likely to adopt good eating habits as they grow up.”
Try to get rid of unhealthy eating habits for your family’s sake.

Healthy Eating Guidelines for You
The following are examples of healthy eating plans. You may choose any of the diets listed below. . .

1. Anti Cancer Diet
From the diet’s name itself, you will know that it is one of the healthy eating plans.
It is composed of healthy and anti-inflammatory foods for you to eat. Examples are those which are full of Omega 3s, the healthy fats.
Benefits of an anti-inflammation diet also include protection from other chronic diseases besides cancer prevention.
2. Vegetarian Diet
This is also another one of the healthful diet plans. It is basically plant-based although, vegetarianism can take different forms such as vegans, lacto-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians and semi-vegetarians.
You should consider adding more greens to your diet. Eating a plant-based diet will provide your body with so much health benefits. You will be helping the environment at the same time.
3. Organic Diet
This diet encourages eating organic foods more often than conventional ones. Organic foods differ from conventional ones in the way they are produced.
Why should you choose organic foods? Because foods produced organically are superior in terms of nutrition. Organic foods are not comprised of foods that are genetically modified or food that is grown with fertilizers.
4. Raw Foods Diet
The raw diet advocates eating of uncooked, unprocessed and unheated foods. It believes that cooking destroys most of the enzymes in foods which serve as nutrition for the cells of your body. These enzymes are also essentials for body functions.
One division of raw foodism is the raw vegan diet in which only raw plant foods such as fruits, all kinds of vegetable, nuts, seeds and sprouts, seaweeds.
Raw foodism also espouses that it is hard for your system to digest and absorb food that is cooked. Cooking also destroys nutrients such as vitamin C. Overcooked food is worse as it can turn into toxins. Illness starts when the body is full of toxins that it can’t eliminate.
A slimmer and healthier you is the best benefit of starting a raw food diet.
5. Mediterranean Diet
The main staples of a Mediterranean meal are fruits, vegetables and plenty of the good fats — the monounsaturated fats like those in olive oil.
The Mediterranean type of diet is good for your health. Olive oil is a major part of this type of diet which has been found to be effective in breast cancer prevention.

If we trust Christ to deliver us from eternal death to everlasting life, we can also trust Him to deliver us from depths of despair to greater heights of hope.
Isaiah 9:1-7 prophesied about the Promised Messiah who will bring salvation to the world. He is the Mighty God from the beginning. He will be called the Prince of Peace because He will bring peace to millions of hearts who seek Him. He is the Christ and Savior.
Since Jesus Christ is such an all-powerful and loving God, who has saved us from the terrible claw of death, He can also deliver us from any hopeless situation we’re in. Life may bring us to a place of great despair, but those who trust in Christ will see the light of a great hope for the future.
Is your life full of difficult problems at the moment, and there seems to be no way out? In Christ, there is a way. Are you in a place of utter darkness and despair? Christ is your light. Remember this: “The people who walk in darkness have seen a Great Light; on those who dwell in the land of the shadow of death, a Light has dawned.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, may those who trust in You will never lose the Great Hope of Salvation. You were stripped and nailed on the cross for my diseases to get healed, In my situation I believe and trust in you for healing. Amen.

To contribute here or want a volunteer for youths and cancer/youth and the environment am ready hit me djpriesty@x-hoodz.com

Music Studio

Posted by Dj priesty On January - 30 - 2013

Location:The Studio is Located at 1st floor,WITEITHIE HS. (opposite FINA Bank) nxt to the Maze Restaurant

Telephone: 0720 104163


If there’s one desire people have is to be heard. Some of us are born singers, while others develop their voices through instruments, a camera, writing or other means. Voice can be dangerous. A voice has the power to ignite cultural and political revolution.

Xhoodz Records focuses on this aspect and provides Music that Entertains and informs you.

We are involved with the Composition, Song Writing and Production for Various Artists.

Xhoodz Records also is involved in Publishing and Licensing the Music it releases, Management, Marketing and Promotion of the Artists under Xhoodz Records. With explicit agreements Xhoodz Records authorizes others to Distribute and License its Music. Xhoodz Records also produces records and promotes music for Artists not affiliated with Xhoodz Records.


1.Music Production



Online booking

[contact-form 3 “Online Studio Booking”]


Samuel kang’ethe AKA “Samzido” is a self taught resident producer at x-hoodz studios Thika. His love for music began way back as he was initially a dancer with the group ‘blessed nation’ but he got into serious music production back in 2008. He’s a cross genre(hiphop, pop, kapuka, ragga, reggae,afrosoul etc) producer, arranger, mastering genius and he draws inspiration from practically anything with a sound that he can experiment with in his lab.
He plans to take music in Kenya to the next level and he believes there’s space for Kenyan content in the international market. He has worked with some top artists and recorded in top studios and he believes passion, hard work, motivation and mental grit take you as far but God takes you furthest.
He can be reached at:
Tel. No.

Head 2 Head Dance Battle

Platinum Dance group were the overall Head 2 Head dance batlle in Kenya in the year 2015, December 18th

Head 2 Head African theme Platinum Dancers

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Eko Dydda – Nina One

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Cliche – All About You

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Calling – Mr Googz & Christo Fabulous

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